1. S

    Apple iBook and HP Compaq Tablet PC for sale

    The tablet PC is an HP Compaq TC1000. It's got a 1Ghz processor and 768mb RAM, and a 30gig hard drive. It's also got 802.11b wireless built in, and a 56k built-in modem. Oh and a 10/100 network port also. Um... USB2, Compact flash ports (handy if you want to plug in a GPS module), and the...
  2. High-Lo

    Using Apple iBook with Linksys Wireless

    Does anybody know if an Apple iBook G4 with Built-in AirPort Extreme can work with a LinkSys wireless router without any problems? Thanks in advance. Steve
  3. Bugblatter

    Apple iBook PowerBook Battery Recall

    Some batteries are overheating. Apple are replacing those which fall within the serial number range published on their website: Battery Exchange
  4. Maff

    So today I bought an iBook...

    Following on from Scott's threads! :D I've been over the moon with the Mac Mini that I got last month (girlfriend thought I had bought her a box of chocolates and a soap dish :rolleyes: ) and really surprised how quickly I got used to it. Now taken the plunge and bought a 14" iBook today...
  5. Bugblatter

    iBook wireless surfing

    As the kids are hogging the PC more and more, I've treated myself to a new toy. I wanted a small laptop to connect wirelessly to our broadband internet. Most small Windows laptops are a bit expensive, but the 12in Apple iBook has just been reduced to £699 and it is already wireless enabled. All...
  6. Guy

    Apple iBook - DVD code problem!

    Help please! :o :o Bought my daughter an Apple iBook for use at University - its been fine except - It comes able to play different region code DVD's - but you can only change the region code so many times, apparently. She has discs from the UK and the USA, and must have overdone it...
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