1. M

    Complete high end ICE system for sale.

    Alpine 7998R head-unit (plays all CD media including MP3) DLS 3 way amp DLS 5" component door speakers inc. tweeters 10" boxed sub All cables inc. steering wheel remote cable and ai-net links This system is in mint boxed condition, costing over £1800 when purchased new. New car forces...
  2. Pietre

    Actros Ice Tool

    Is the Actros Ice Tool a genuine Merc part? I am thinking of adding one to my winter OOOOps I didnt want that to happen kit. the law of sod states "if you aint got it you will want it", but my helpful parts man is unable to find a part number, can anyone assist please. We are informed by all of...
  3. Andy W

    Ice melting

    Does anyone know a formula or the rate of melting ice for the following. One block of ice 0.5 metre melting at an ambient temperature of approx 23 oC. I estimate approx 72 hours, what do you think. This is not a crank question it is something that I could do with knowing.
  4. GrahamC230K ICE T10 (the big one) - July 17th

    Details are here
  5. S

    and people wonder why i never really trust ICE dealers that is jsut scary (not only is it dangerous but that is nearly 300 quids worth of speaker)
  6. H

    Alpine Ice

    I have an alpine mutimedia set for sale. In dash monitor with single cd, in dash dvd player and dvd sat nav. Paid over £4500 over a year ago but now looking for £2000.
  7. philsy2k

    BOSE ice for sale

    I have for sale a BOSE radio and amplifier. The amp is brand new in the box and is worth over £400, both are from an ML and i want £100 for the two. I have tried to upload the pictures but they are too big apparently so e-mail me if interested.
  8. pammy

    What should I do? (ICE)

    Right - for those that don't know, and if you don't where have you been:D I have a nice shiny silver SLK 320. It has the bog standard Merc single CD unit in with standard speakers(Four - two in each door) But it's just toooooooooo tinny, especially on the radio. I do have a Blaupunkt Woodstock...
  9. KLP 92

    ICE install in classic 500sl

    I was told i was mad for doing what i planned with my Mercedes 500SL 83 model. What i wanted to do was classed as impossible, fitting a high quality system into such an old car. BUt i'm not the one to listen so i undertook the whole job myself! My system includes: 4 channel Audiobahn amp...
  10. S

    I.C.E in a nutshell

    Dunno if you lot want this but hey, it took a hour so I don’t have to wash the car today (yippee :D) First of all some urban myths about ICE. Everyone seems to think that it is the baseball capped nova driver with ICE, wrong. Just like anyithg there are different sections of ice they are...
  11. uumode

    ICE manufacturer?

    Which manufacturer makes the Esquisit MB branded stereo units / CD changer? ... Alpine?
  12. GrahamC230K

    My ICE inc Kenwood Custom Fit Components

    I have just fitted my replacement front speakers, which completes my upgraded stereo install. I have details of the Kenwood Custom fit speakers, but starting at the source: Kenwood KDC-PSW9521 MP3 MASK Headunit (Remote just in view at bottom). 10 Disc changer in the boot. Original...
  13. Ron

    W210 estate I.C.E.

    Where is the best place to fit a CD changer unit in an E Class estate ? The only place that I can see would be behind the rear offside panel where the first aid kit is.
  14. S

    DIY iCE Install

    Hi guys , Im looking to upgrade the sound system in my C class 240 benz for the fronts I already have from my previous car a set of jbl's 6.5 inch 2 way coaxials . Im gonna buy some autolead speaker adapters to connect my jbl's in the front. what can I put in the rear shelf for...
  15. GrahamC230K

    ICE T8 Event - Sat 12th July 2003

    Regulars may have seen these ICE Tx events crop up before. ICE T8 is to be held on 12th July 2003 somewhere yet unannounced in Oxford. Details are here: Car Audio Direct ICE T8 Event As the details in the link explain this is not a public show, more a meeting for those who...
  16. Alps

    More ICE

    Hey guys just thought id give you first refusal on the stuff below, its all nearly new stuff and in new condition, they are all the current models. Kenwood 929 1000w max 2\1 channel amp, 2003 range JBL GTO 2000 2\1 ch 400w amp pioneer 6x9 4-ways, no grills top of the range pioneer 12...
  17. GrahamC230K

    ICE GTG Pics / Possible Venue

    Slightly off topic, as it was not an MB event, but today Koolvin and I attended the ICE GTG mentioned in this thread (link). The direct link here Anyway, here are some pics as it was a lovely day. What became apparent to Koolvin and I was that if the pub was happy for this event to...
  18. Brian WH

    Driving On Ice

    Interesting article on driving on Ice in Sweden. Too late for Shude, for as it says in the article--We should fit Winter Tyres.:mad: Driving On Ice
  19. GrahamC230K

    Ice is Here

    This is the first remotley cold morning and is only the start, of ice and black ice on our roads. This morning on my way to work I passed a new Renault Laguna in a hedge and an MX-5 in a ditch, both due to ice. Due to past experiences, driving on icey roads scares me, so watch out!
  20. Koolvin

    ICE T5 (fao: V12)

    who's going?
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