1. gr1nch

    NAVI personal POI icons for C0MAND

    Hello folks, Do you know the Daimler/Mercedes IconId (POI icon) numbers for COMAND? Ideally, I'm looking for a spec sheet for their vpx XML extensions which includes the icon number codes. The standard speed camera IconId is "6". The trouble is all the sets of POIs (WiFi, etc) are all using...
  2. C

    Forgotten Greats

    Mine is: Jaguar 1992 XJ220
  3. WDB124066

    Computor keeps making screen icons smaller and smaller CAN'T READ THEM NOW!

    HELP! The little man in my computor is making my microsoft icons and screen things smaller and smaller and smaller. It has been doing this all by itself for three or four weeks, a bit at a time, smaller and smaller and now so fing small I can't read a blooddy thing except the adds and MBUK...
  4. The _Don

    Record sales for BMW are driven by British icons

    Record sales for BMW are driven by British icons - Business News - Business - The Independent
  5. gaz_l

    Curious icons on display - B class

    One of my colleagues runs a B180 and asked me yesterday about the "three little bags" that had come up on the display. Not knowing what she was on about, I had a look and I'm still none the wiser. It's the three icons above the km/h reading on the screenshot below. Can anyone enlighten me/her as...
  6. buccal

    Non MB Icons

    Bedroom poster time: http://www.911virgin.com/32rhh.htm Whats yours?
  7. talbir

    1980s icons reunited

    Latest addition to the stable - pics below. I have a magazine article from Jan 1987 - the main feature pits the following three cars against each other : - w124 Hammer 560E DOHC - Ruf 911 Turbo - Ferrari 328 GTS Koenig Well, i wanted to bring the test bak to life twenty one years on...i...
  8. rizal2510

    Restoring Icons

    Anybody knows how to restore icons for programs? :o eg IE, Words, Excel etc.. My pc had been infected by the W32Bagle worm, upon detection and cleaning some of the icons is not displaying. :crazy: I could still open them but the icons are not displayed. I'm running Windows XP. MTIA
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