1. A

    TYRES...Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. I want to know if anyone has any ide

    Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. Its a 2016 model.I want to know if anyone has any idea what is the biggest size tyres I could fit the rims that wont catch on the Van? I am going to go for off rd tyres so ideally a load rating would be good to know also. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. O

    IDE laptop HDD ?

    Hello, My laptop HDD seems to be running all the time and rattling... Apparently not a great sign... Anyone would have a laptop HDD, IDE, 40gb minimum for sale? Cheers. Olivier
  3. grasmere

    IDE HD to SATA MB converter, anyone tried it

    I have a new pc with a SATA motherboard etc and was interested in fitting a second HD. Then on ebay I saw a 'IDE HD to SATA MB converter' for about £10. A small plug in for an IDE HD with a SATA cable to attach to the MB. Got one and tried it with 2 different IDE HD's, 60 Gb and 17 Gb but...
  4. GrahamC230K

    USB to IDE cable

    I have just got ordered one of these: Have no immediate need for it, may never use it, but looks like a must have for my drawer, just in case! Could be very very handy. Saw many cheaper on ebay etc, but not looking...
  5. SilverSaloon

    getting an IDE card working in Windows XP

    hi i bought this item on ebay: i have popped it into the computer, connected a CD drive to it (as master) and installed the drivers for the IDE card (they come up as Silicon Image Sil0680...
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