1. 219

    Sometimes the best ideas ...

    are the simplest and most obvious ones . We've been discussing the merits and demerits of tech and gadgetry in cars on another thread . I was minded of the time my infant daughter ( she's nearly 31 now ) remarked to me that she couldn't find the buckle for the seatbelt in the back seat of...
  2. fabes

    Canadian Sat Nav ideas

    Morning all Am off to Canada in three weeks and have just been let down by a Canadian Ebay seller who apparently had posted me an upto date SD card for my Garmin I do have an immediate refund (hmmm....?) of the CAD paid but now have a problem. I am renting a mid size SUV, so will...
  3. gr1nch

    Northern Italy touring route ideas?

    Hello forum members, The wife and I are heading off on a driving tour around Italy for about two weeks in May. One stop is definitely the Lake Como area Lake Como - Lakes - Travel ideas Any ideas for routes around Italy, preferably the top half, that would take in Como? We'd prefer stunning...
  4. gr1nch

    Ideas for retirement?

    Apart from car related stuff what would you do in your first years of retirement? For me I'm retiring from the technology business and doing something different, more musical. I'm guessing that it will be nigh impossible for noone to mention their cars though Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  5. gaz_l

    3G/LTE router SIM card ideas?

    Greetings, citizens. We had a situation at work a few weeks back where we lost our internet connection for a whole day. I rang our ISP, who of course denied it was anything to do with them, and myself and a colleague spent quite a lot of the day trying to sort it out, to no avail. Mysteriously...
  6. gr1nch

    Dashcam ideas

    Am thinking of getting a dashcam, but there are so many! This one has a stunning jet engine design, but the source look fantastic and the Bluetooth remote camera button you can stick on your steering wheel, to take snapshots whence you want as well, is a neat design. Clever, these Chinese...
  7. J

    W210 Fuse Keeps Blowing - any ideas please???

    Hi, My car is a 2002 E320 CDI Estate, W210 model. Fuse number 10, a Red 10 amp fuse in the engine bay fuse box keeps blowing, leaving me without the horn, trip computer, passenger airbag, radio constant live (well the radio now has to be turned on manually every time I start the car, rather...
  8. M

    Mystery Beeping from the rear of my 2015 E350.... Any ideas ?

    I bought my E350 used from a dealer 6 months ago, and since I bought it it's always made a very odd beeping noise after reversing onto my drive.. When it went in for a service 5 months ago I mentioed it, and they couldn't reproduce it, so I left it. It's continued to do it, so when it was in...
  9. R

    W204 overheating, cooling fan not working, any ideas?

    Hi All, I have a 2010 W204 C200 Cdi with the OM646 engine. It has recently started to get hot when in stationary traffic but the engine cooling fan fails to kick in. The temperature gauge went to around 100 then I got a warning symbol in the multi function display, the symbol I got points...
  10. C

    W210 3 way speaker ideas?

    I would like to upgrade my bose speakers in my W210. I have had an alpine head unit installed complete with steering wheel controls and now find however much I EQ them, I just can't get them to sound right. They're too bright, so have adjusted that down but the mid bass is lacking around certain...
  11. Dazzc

    W221 Engine Problems...Any Ideas?

    I have a 2009 S320 V6 diesel. Two weeks ago I was driving along doing around 30mph and tried to accelerate up a small hill. I had no response when I put my foot down. The engine sounded normal and there were no engine management lights on. I parked up and left the car for an hour or so...
  12. D

    Option ideas for new C63 AMG Estate

    Appreciate some thoughts on whether 19'' wheels are a worthwhile option on new C63 AMG Estate or whether standard 18'''s are sufficient for looks ride etc... I like the Black AMG 19''s but they are £2,500!! crazy price.
  13. gunning

    whats your ideas on modifying 190e's

    It's nothing new that 190e's are being modified and yes it's nice to see genuine examples but the paint on mine is so so and its bland and boring. It's beige on beige which is fine but not exactly shiny. So I'm going to do it all myself, paint (as its totally rot free) so I don't have to...
  14. F

    Any ideas

    Any ideas on what might have caused this? have owned this car for several months and it is perfect in every other way. I am not overly concerned. [IMG]][IMG]
  15. N

    SOS - Any ideas?

    Started the motor this morning and the amber warning appeared SOS no available. Not been working all day despite several journeys and starts. Any clues? Is it local to the vehile or is the MB system down. 2015 E220 Bluetech.:confused:
  16. ash59fifty-uk

    Removing paper residue from windscreen, ideas?

    Anyone have any remedies for removing this annoyance? Why someone has been leafleting on car windscreens in this weather is beyond me, do they not have sense!
  17. MikeInWimbledon

    R230 DIY Fitted luggage ideas? SL500 SL350

    Anyone got any good ideas of bags which could neatly fit behind the seats of an R230, and inside the boot? Understood that there's a rather nifty £400 Mercedes leather bag that was sold "back in the day" to go BEHIND the seats, but I'm looking for something cheaper and perhaps not as wide and...
  18. 7om

    55AMG expert ideas? Bad noises...

    Hi, Just wondering if any 55 AMG owners have had this issue. At first I suspected the tensioner idler bearing but on closer inspection this afternoon, the noise seems to be coming from the supercharger rotating thing behind the pulley. With the belt removed there's a bit of play when...
  19. K

    W 220 Wheel ideas needed.

    After selling both of my W211`s I bought an S class W220 but the wheels are boring 16".If anyone has a picture of different wheels fitted to one of these would be most helpful.
  20. LTD

    Lake Disict Ideas please .....

    Heading down to the Lake District tomorrow for a day away. Any suggestions as to where is the best place to head for and also a nice place to have some lunch would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
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