1. B

    Model number identification

    Hi guys Can anyone help me and advise how I work out the model/shape number of my merc? I've been advised it's either a w203 or W204 but I need to be sure for parts purchasing. It's a merc c180 2007. Kindest regards
  2. astamir

    WIS part identification help

    Hi guys! Help needed with WIS and part identification. Was servicing w208 clk320 today and the black pipe that goes from the manifold to master cylinder broke off, it looked like someone tried to repair it before. The pipe itself looks ok just the black plastic connector that connects the pipe...
  3. J

    E350 W212 Command / Media Identification

    I've spent the last few hours trying to get my head around all the different versions and I'm still none the wiser! I'm looking to buy a (late)2010-2012 E350 Sport saloon and simply can't figure out what's what from advert photographs and descriptions. It seems to me that most of these cars...
  4. V

    W123 200 M102 Sensor Identification

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of stripping down and rebuilding the engine on my 1983 Euro W123 200. The car is fitted with the M102.920 2.0 Carburetor engine. When I bought the car, it had no engine, I have since sourced one and I am slowly stripping it down and rebuilding it ready to...
  5. D

    W212 7G/7G plus identification

    Hi All Was hoping someone can help, am looking for a W212 E250 with the 7G plus transmission as i've heard its much more improved compared to the 7G, most of the online listings just say 7 gears without any further detail, how can you identify which car has the 7G plus as opposed to just the...
  6. B

    300e Tire size identification

    curious to know if any one can identify what tire size is being used here? 235/45 all around? or staggered? Perhaps 245/40 or 245/45 in the back? Hard to tell! Really like the fittments match to the era. Thanks, B
  7. H

    Command APS Firmware Identification

    Hi I am just trying to work out what Firmware version the Command APS in my 57 plate E280 CDi has and whether it needs updating. The ETA is always displayed at the bottom of the screen and the Traffic Annoucements have a bad habit of cutting in whether TA mode is on or off. Is there a simple...
  8. Herishi

    Part identification

    Guys I have tried for exploded diagrams. But they don't recognise the part numbers. I'm looking at the egr sensor and the turbo vane actuator(I think) I will attach the pics that show the part numbers.
  9. A

    Frightened new owner: W124 Key identification and help with remote central locking

    Hi All, After years of salivating over various Mercs, and in a moment of madness, I forked out a small fortune on a 1995 W124 E220 Estate last weekend. I am now in the post-madness grief/disbelief phase (i.e. What the flip have I just done?!), which is exacberated by a couple of niggly...
  10. 1

    W124 Part Identification Help - 1245456232 E-GAS

    Hi, Hoping someone can help identifiy a part I've come across while breaking a 320TE, it was in the front passenger footwell on a metal plate. The part number is 124 545 62 32 and it says E-GAS on the cover. After a bit of Googling I have apparently good but conflicting suggestions that this is...
  11. E

    Remap Identification?

    As a few may recall, my new (to me) E55K has allegedly been remapped to 525 bhp. This may just have been BS from the last real owner to the trader I bought it from, or it may be true, but there's nothing in the paperwork. I'd like to check. The acceleration is tremendous, but as I only (only...
  12. A

    Need help with C55 front bumper identification!

    I've ordered a replacement for my 2004 C55 AMG front bumper and it arrived today. Unfortunately, it does not quite match (by eye, it looks like just the headlights and washer jet shapes are wrong). I can make out the following details on the bumper that they sent me: A 203 885 5625 >PP /...
  13. R

    Identification needed

    Love to be under 21 and need ID, but that's not what I meant. While digging out my PSE from an SLK230, this fell out: Any idea what it is and what it does? It doesn't look very healthy. Usual suspect lineup......:bannana:
  14. tintinmt

    S124. Help with blower regulator identification

    Hi, I have an issue with the heater blower only running on two speeds. It's a new fan, so I guess the regulator has failed. I bought a replacement but it looks as though I have the wrong one. My car has climate control with no filter - its a 1990 300TE 24v. I attach a pic of the part that I...
  15. J

    guidance please rear spring identification 2004 e320cdi sports suspension

    Hi, have just phoned Merc for replacement rear springs for my son's 2004 E320 CDI fitted with sports suspension. I am told there will be ether one blue blob and one green blob or one blue blob and 2 green blobs of paint. Be grateful for guidance on where to look for these "blobs of paint" on my...
  16. slippy

    1998 SLK part identification / Part No. request

    Hi, Im looking to fit facelift sill covers on my 1997 SLK. Can anyone provide me with the correct part number for this clip please? It secures the sill cover to the car where the door opens, it looks like item 210 or 215 on the diagram. There are 12 in total, 6 on each side of the car. The part...
  17. StMarks

    Piston identification

    Hi there MB experts. Well, having confirmed my ticking noise as piston slap I have removed my engine, stripped it down, removed the offending No4 Piston & Conrod. Now I am trying to source a replacement. There are various numbers cast on the side of the piston & etched into the crown of the...
  18. M

    identification help please

    could anyone shed some light on where i might get a wheel to match or where they came from. many thanks,
  19. T

    Trim identification

    I have found in my glovebox a small plastic piece of trim,part number 2039220030 it is semicircular with two slots,can anybody identify it for me. At present I do not have the equipment to put a picture up, John
  20. V

    Model list identification

    Hi All, I read on here all sorts of good information but must confess you have all lost me. As a newbie I haven't a clue as to what you are all on about when you mention W123, W456 etc. All I know is that a have a R320 CDI SWB - I wasn't aware that I had a W.... anything. Help me out here...
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