1. Stratman

    Identify the murderer

    Last night I spotted a couple of white feathers falling from the horse chestnut tree outside the window. This morning there were about thirty or forty white downy feathers on the ground under the tree, together with two large pigeon feathers. What would be big enough to have pigeon for dinner...
  2. V

    Please help to identify missing trim - B150

    Hiya, could you please help to identify the piece of trim missing from my '07 plate B-150 (W245). It is on the lower part of the wheel arch and is essentially an extension of the door trim. Part number, proper name, and suggestions on where to source would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
  3. -AJC-

    Please help identify these trim pieces off a 2006 ML 320 CDI W164

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify these parts that were loose in the boot when I collected the car? Part numbers are: A 164 826 00 24 A 164 723 06 14 Thanks
  4. Pillabenz

    Help identify some AMG wheels

    Evening everyone. i'm looking to ID these AMG wheels, cant seem to find many sets on the web, or any part/model number - They are on a vehicle i have purchased but not yet collected, just curious as to what ones they are. Many thanks.
  5. Sonny Burnett

    Help me identify stalk

    Hi guys never in all the mercs I have owned have I seen this stalk can't find much about it online does anyone know what it does ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. R

    Identify these wheels

    I am after a set of 19" wheels for my 212 and found a car fitted with these wheels but don't know what car they are from anyone have any ideas?
  7. J

    Identify the motorbike?

    can anyone ID this bike for my dad - it's my dad in the pic, but he cant remember....many thanks..
  8. uumode

    Can anyone identify this car?

    I used to be able to visually identify cars from their form, details and features, but have lost that touch :fail Can anyone visually identify this car? :dk: I've been scratching my head.
  9. moonloops

    Identify aftermarket parking sensor system?

    1. Does anyone recognise this make ? 2. Anyone got instructions for it? 3. Can the fecking loud beeps be toned down a bit? :D
  10. uumode

    Can you identify this classic Mercedes?

    Saw a picture on the internet, but don't have a clue to which model this is :dk: Looks fabulous, once I know the model I can Google image the front of the car :D
  11. Calcifer

    Anyone into classics? Identify an old Ford.

    So I was driving around Lantau today and saw an old Ford looking sorry for itself. I saw the same car in the same space a year ago and it appears to not have moved an inch :( Anyone know what car it is?
  12. High-Lo

    Can anybody identify this?

    Got a puncture last week so ordered and fitted new tyres today :) Anyone able to identify this?
  13. R

    W163 Alloy Identify

    Hello, can anyone identify this alloy wheel? The set are 18" and are fitted to my ML320, 255/55/R18/109V. As can be seen they have surface corrosion but I'm trying to work out whether they are worth refurbing +- £250-£300 the set, or simply buy another set. I've googled and searched...
  14. TKvS

    Can anyone identify this model please

    Hi guys, I'm currently running a CLS 350 W219 which is fitted with 10" F / 20" R alloys,I'm about to buy a set of MAE Crown Jewels...same configuration, whilst browsing looking for a better deal, I came across this photo of a set of MAES on a Mercedes that I'm unfamiliar with, can anyone give me...
  15. Conquistador

    Identify this London street

    Does anybody happen to recognise this London street used for filming a short scene for London Boulevard. Looks to be near a gas works, south of the river, Vauxhall maybe??
  16. S

    Can anyone identify this ?

    It came in the bag with the media interface cables for my 2010 ML350. Anyone know what it is, or what it does ?
  17. Z

    Help needed to identify model

    Hello I need some help please. Would anyone be able to identify this particular model? Many thanks.
  18. C

    Anyone identify these?

    My car has these fitted, and I'm wanting to get a spare or two, and get the originals refurbished one at a time (fitting the new ones temporarily while each wheel is been sorted out). Anyone know what they're called? I'd obviously need a front and a rear, as they're different sizes (8.5 and 9.5...
  19. sherco450

    please identify vito w639 part

    l found this foam block on the floor pan (passenger side) this morning. l had a quick look below the glove box thou cant see anything missing. Anyone have a clue ? lm guessing it may be a shipping packer or some sort of plug for the firewall. Numbers on the foam block A639 831 0041 001
  20. I

    Mystery Body Part to identify in W124.

    mercedes w124 estate petrol/LPG | eBay Covers have done a great job, but what is lifting them??!!!
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