1. brucemillar

    Idiot complains about other "idiots" Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. G

    CLS350 bad dents need fix/replacing & Where?

    Hey Folks, While abroad I went into a particularly tight, dark and winding carpark and unfortunately had one of the barriers take a chunk out of the side of my CLS350. I basically now have deep dents & scratching on both door panels on left & also on the rear wheel arch. It may be possible to...
  3. LiveForever

    Idiot Mercedes Drivers

    Found this video while browsing YouTube Anybody on here care to own up :D
  4. M

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass - Video

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass
  5. P

    I killed the Radiator w211 2008 (I am an Idiot)

    I feel like a total idiot, had one of those days I wish never got out of bed! So, I borrowed an old trolley jack from my neighbour so as to jack the car up to so as to put axle stands under it. I used the centre front jacking point but needed to pad it out with 4x2 as the jack though heavy...
  6. poormansporsche

    Help a idiot ! Adding to the fuse box .....

    alright good peoples, Im retrofitting heated seats. I have bought the correct loom from MB - everything is fine but i need to join the loom to the fuse box. There are 2 wires - one needs to be connected to fuse 21 which is fine as there is already a fuse there and not a problem. But the...
  7. O

    BMW M5 - idiot or ace?

    One of my recurrent beefs is drivers who use a roundabout to show off their car’s cornering ability. It is normally practised by youths in lightweight hatchbacks accelerating faster than the rest of the traffic and causing others to misjudge the relative speed of oncoming cars. Irritating...
  8. V

    Complete Idiot

    On holiday driving through A small village in Devon doing just under 30 when a car is waiting to come out of a side turning so I slow and let it out, all of a sudden I am blasted by a IDIOT in a large camper van behind me because I must be slowing his progress. Ignoring him I continue only for...
  9. C

    Idiot guide to Comand 2.0

    Evening all, Is there an idiot guide to setting routes in the navigation function of Comand 2.0? I've spent about half an hour trying to set up a route from home to the NEC for the Classic Car Show this weekend - most of that was spent actually putting in the location, that's now in, but I...
  10. MancMike

    SL55 AMG Totalled by idiot truck driver

    Poor old chap needs a stiff drink, but looks to be completely unhurt.
  11. brucemillar

    Any Opticians - Idiot Alert

    Folks I have a really nice pair of RayBan Wayfarer frames with Ziess (sic) vario-focal lenses which are also photo-chromatic and anti glare. These were expensive. Unfortunately my mate Dave has been shoving them in his pocket without first placing them in their case. Naughty Dave. Now it...
  12. kianok

  13. H

    W203 idiot 20 - do I have fibre optics?

    Having done some research on audio upgrade on my w203, I've been convinced I don't have Bose upgrade, hence no fibre optics, and I've since bought a Pioneer HU with all the right harness and leads to replace audio 20. I took apart the dashboard this afternoon, only to find the dreaded orange...
  14. R

    Regcheeseman signing in from North Devon

    Roight moi lubbers! I've been half heartedly eyeing up old Mercs for a while, and now I'm starting to get more serious, I thought I'd join a forum and hopefully get bit of knowledge before I take the plunge. I'm looking for a 70's 80's Merc, preferably of the oil burning ilk, I've done a...
  15. reflexboy

    I'm such an idiot!! Two questions

    Today has not been a good day. Having previously done the rear arch mod on my R230, sealed the C pillar seals to prevent water ingress into the boot and although my boot has never leaked, I thought I would complete the SL preventative tasks to stop water getting in the boot and killing the PSE...
  16. M

    WIS advice for an idiot please

    I am joined the online merc club and have access to the WIS and EPC. Portal rund um die Mercedes-Benz Markenclubs | Official Mercedes-Benz Clubs I am unable to find my vito on the WIS section though it comes up on the EPC. When I put in the VIN its states VIN not found! Help please
  17. S

    What an idiot

    Chris Huhne. Discuss.
  18. brucemillar

    The Macbook and the Idiot

    Folks Last night I managed to get some cleaning fluid (a tiny amount) into the keyboard on my Macbook 13". I was attempting (yes I Know) to clean the keyboard. Anyway. I managed to solve this problem by using a hairdryer. This got rid of any moisture but sadly melted some of the keys...
  19. neilz

    Have they made a mistake or has some idiot stuck the badge on?

    The listing says S320, please don't tell me the S600 badge on the back is a Halfords aftermarket thing :crazy: I don't see V12 decals on the sides... 1999 T MERCEDES BENZ S320 L AUTO 49K NO SENSIBLE OFFER REFUSED | eBay
  20. AbbieCadabra

    Wordpress, idiot 1st time user needs a little help!

    i'm going to cry in a minute! :wallbash: we've got a very simple brochure style website for our business, no whistles & bells needed as we mainly do commercial contract work but we just want a presence on the net in case anything changes in the future. i've been very happy with the free site...
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