1. brucemillar

    Idiot complains about other "idiots" Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. gaz_l

    Idiots on bikes

    I'd just like to say thanks (not) to the bunch of idiot motorcyclists on the M3 this afternoon. For those not in the know - and what a lucky bunch of people you are - basically there is ~15 miles of roadworks all the way from the M25 to Fleet services, controlled by 50MPH average speed cameras...
  3. J

    Idiots on Ebay

    How often do you but SLK into ebay and find someone selling a wheel nut or a light bulb but they are breaking a car? We ive just messaged one with and enquiry for a part, they emailed back to say they have the part and that is were a communication ended.:fail Why do they bother? They...
  4. Howard

    There are idiots ... And then there is this guy ...

    hlið á Höfðatorgi - YouTube
  5. MercedesDriver

  6. nick mercedes

    are mercedes buyers idiots?

    Mercedes Citan £15525 - Pricing and UK specs revealed for Mercedes-Benz Citan Renault Kangoo Maxi (what the £15k Citan is) - £13250 Prices & technical data - Kangoo Maxi - Kangoo Van Range - Renault Vans - Renault UK Mercedes A180 (why not A150??) 1.5dci £21225...
  7. 219

    Invisible idiots

    After a mild start to the week , I awoke to a frozen up car and foggy conditions on the drive to work . Visibility never really dropped below 100m , although got close to it a couple of times , so I was content to drive with normal dipped headlamps and did not feel the need for front or rear...
  8. Howard

    Village Idiots

    :D Duo hurt as firework van explodes (From The Argus)
  9. E

    idiots on

    PMSL :D Idiots on motorbikes - YouTube
  10. B

    Dangerous criminal idiots

    As a quick bit of background, I live on a side street just off a fairly major thoroughfare in South East London. Directly across the main road is another street which has bollards at the end so only the emergency services can get onto it. So this afternoon I was getting my older daughter (not...
  11. S

    Idiots guide to posting photos needed!

    For me please!
  12. ghummy

    An idiots interpretation of medical terminology....

    just a random email i got sent today at work, made me chuckle... Artery................. The study of paintings Bacteria................Back door to cafeteria . Barium.................What doctors do when patients die. Benign..................What you be, after you be eight Caesarean...
  13. IMD

    Parking in Brighton! Idiots

    Well, after having mt SL500 for 3 weeks, the bumper has already been scraped by some idiot parking, someone has burnt a hole in the soft top and now this morning I awake to see this clever bit of parking by some other dodgem driver. A few minor scratches and I left a rather sarcastic note on...
  14. newbitz1957

    Idiots in car parks

    Had to run a few errands this morning,had to visit the local branch of staples to get a few bits, quite a nice day so I took the 300se for a run, got to staples, lovely big car park, parked well out of the way with about 4 bays either side, when I came out and was just behind the car with keys...
  15. S

    auto trader private seller idiots!!

    been to look at 2 cars now from private sellers off autotrader first one agreed a price for a E270 CDi and then pulled out a few hours later just before the agreed exchange cos his new car would be about 4 weeks till delivery 2nd one today- 3 series bmw :ban: has had the car up for sale for a...
  16. Frankie

    Snow/Ice idiots

    To be honest, whether I can see ice or not I tend to be very cautious when it's like this. It's only the second day of snow here, where I am the road is concrete,the road always seems to turn to solid ice very quickly. Didn't go out yesterday but on my journey to work today I took it very easy...
  17. Merco

    Idiots question

    I am an idiot. Let's get that straight from the off. So apologies for this question which will no doubt result in me desrvedly having my a55 kicked by most of those on the forum.:ban: But can someone please enlighten me as to what W204 or W... means when people are talking about this on...
  18. The Boss

    This idiots sadden me!

    b_1khbHm3mk lRAI09r1kkI&NR bSmeUMq1RrY
  19. Druk

    One eyed Scottish idiots

    It's been at least three hours since the fateful remark and not a single posting on the subject. I'm amazed.
  20. 6CylinderMerc

    Thick fog containing thicker idiots...

    Got up this morning - foggy. It cleared a little during the day but now it's back & it's thicker than ever.... I simply cannot believe the amount of thick idiots I've seen today driving around in pea soup without any lights on whatsoever. They just appear out of the gloom without a care in the...
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