1. S

    Vito 2.1 Engines smoking when idling

    Hi there everyone, this is my second post! I have a vito 111cdi and when it's been idling for a short period it starts bellowing out white smoke and think with a hint of blue in it if that's possible. When accelerating the smoke gets worse for a short time then disperses. Anyone have any ideas...
  2. astamir

    w211 320cdi rough idling

    Hi guys I have a very strange problem for diesel engines I would say at least. It idles very rough from time to time and getting worse like it can idle rough every time when I drive it and sometimes cuts off and I have to restart it. Its done 145000 miles its a straight line 6 pots engine Has...
  3. D

    w124 e220 idling issues

    Hi there, My 96 e220 coupe has developed it's first real issue with me.. Last week it would start fine drive fine but with an occasional "miss". Had a look under the bonnet and could see some sparking by the maf sensor plug. Foolishly I moved the wire causing a short and the ovp...
  4. S

    Idling problems

    I have an e-class 320 cdi and sometimes when the engine is idling it just cuts out. Does anybody else have similar problems ??
  5. W

    Funny idling..

    Hi I have clk240 on a 03 with less than 100k ever so often when it's idling at the lights the rev slightly creeps up to around 600rpm and you feel the car vibrating slightly and then when you pull off it's fine. Drives fine etc there's no warning lights and the garage sys there's nothing...
  6. T

    C230K (W203) misfiring / idling problem

    My 2003 c230k has developed a misfiring problem when it is idling. Basically the engine management light comes on and it goes into limp home mode after no more than a couple of mins idling in traffic or at lights etc. had a diagnostic done yesterday and it shows a misfire on 3. Changed over...
  7. ricardo62

    fuel consumption idling

    Hi all OK i prob should of realised ages ago , but in my job i do courier work , ive been letting the engine run all the time ive been doing my deliverys , basically not switched off frm 10am til 2pm , ive been putting over 100 pounds a week diesel into the car an e320 cdi w210 . Now this is...
  8. harries2

    Rough idling c180k se coupe 2003? Vent pipe?

    my car has just started ticking over like its hunting its ok when driving but when idling its rough any ideas would be great ?
  9. harries2

    Rough idling hunting c180k se coupe 2003

    rough idling hunting on tick over c180k se coupe 2003 car is ok when going to high speed , but when going slow it seems to go kangeroo style please can someone help give me some ideas. New spark plugs been fitted was wondering if maybe a pipe or something causing this thanks carl
  10. shirleydrive

    W210 occasionally cutting out when idling

    Car - 1998 w210 E320. 63,000miles and almost full MD service history. Purchased this car just over a year ago from an old gent who had owned the vehicle from new. The car drives beautifully, engine is smooth as silk. No rough running etc BUT every now and again the engine will die on me. This is...
  11. S

    W107 - Idling Badly

    Hi there! I own a 1972 350SL (W107) which used to run beautifully, however I managed to overheat her due to a fluid leak. Luckily, the engine didn't seize and after a few months at the mechanic she was running smoothly again. Except for one thing: once the engine gets warm it idles very...
  12. PXW

    Turbo idling

    Bit of an oddball question. Was sat in traffic the other day, when the car did its economy engine shut off thing (yes, it's a BMW, but most cars do it nowadays). During the lull, I was thinking back to the old days driving SAABs turbos, and the standing instruction that after a fast run you had...
  13. W124ali

    w124 idling issue

    Hi I have 1994 E200 with 63k on the clock which has recently started having issues. It starts up first time but then the revs drop so low it switches off straight away. Again starts up fine if I start her up again. If I rev her for a short while and skowly take my foot off the accelerator...
  14. E

    Severe shake/vibration when idling 2008 E220 CDi

    My 2008 E220 CDi has started to severely shake at the front when idling - the front bumper vibrates significantly and even the front wheels shake. Once power is applied though, the car returns to normal. My car has only covered 30,000 miles and has a full Mercedes main dealer service history...
  15. C

    Engine idling on W124

    I am looking for an Independent Mercedes Technician to have a look at my W124 as I have an idling issue, see earlier post on 26 August. I am based near to Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard. Is there anyone out there?
  16. C

    Engine Idling on W124

    I have an E220 imported from India and registered in 2001. It is the W124 type (UK 1995). MB main dealer cannot access the EMS to diagnose my problem. The car only starts with throttle and dies without being revved. Once it is being driven it sounds rough at first then smooths out. On stopping...
  17. G

    misfiring and fast idling on w124, 1994 E200

    I've got a progressively developing fault on my W124 estate. It started in the colder weather when at start-up the engine sounded like it was firing on three cylinders for about 10 to seconds, then it would clear itself and run smoothly. Now the weather has warmed up, the lumpy running at...
  18. S

    CLK 320 w208 Idling rough

    I know I probably just need to get the codes read and it could be a number of things but basically on start up after around 1 min the car starts to idle as if it will cut out. Then I set off and it is fine. Then I pull up to a junction and as I hold it on the brake (auto) it does it again as if...
  19. Rupertino

    R129 idling problem

    Hi, I've been looking for a good (but not too expensive!) R129 500 SL for some time now and I recently purchased a 1991 500SL in astral silver with navy interior. This is my first SL and I'm really pleased with it - it's got full service history and only done 57k miles. It has however...
  20. C

    Idling problems on W126 300se

    :dk:I have soaked the Idle Control Valve in carbureter fluid and replaced a damaged vacuum bend. I put the ICV back in the car and now the car no longer stalls at traffic lights or junctions. However, the idle is still low (the rpm drops to 5000 when I go in to drive or reverse). I have checked...
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