1. C

    electronicaly ignorant

    Hi again everyone I have just bought a 1999 320 clk sport cabriolet which I am so far very pleased with but I would like to read and clear the codes to find out exactly what is going on obviously I cannot afford star and most on ebay are a gamble has anyone a tool and needed attachments like...
  2. J

    A160 Gearbox problem - help the mechanically ignorant please?!

    New member and mechanically ignorant. I wonder if someone could give me a few potential options for this . . . I have had a very slowly progressing rattle (started last august) that is now getting increasingly, well, rattly! It doesn't happen when the engine is cold, only warm and generally...
  3. M

    Old Ford find - and ignorant fool on the phone!

    A friend of ours has just pulled this out of the garage after a recent bereavement - it has been there since it was laid up in 1990! It has 5 owners - the original first owner and then father and son twice each - so it really is one owner + 1 family from new 3.0 Mk1 pre facelift Capri :)...
  4. MangoMan

    For you ignorant bunch!

    11 August 2007 Immigrants have taken four in ten homes since 1997 UK Daily Mail Four in ten homes built over the past ten years have been needed because of immigration, figures have revealed. Nearly 600,000 properties have had to be constructed because of the new arrivals since Labour...
  5. glojo

    Ignorant, impatient drivers

    The weather today is beautiful and for the first time in months I have been taken out for a ride :) On our return just before entering our avenue there is a coastal lane with a 20mph speed limit. My chauffeur sticks strictly to this speed partly because she is a very law abiding person and...
  6. B

    How do you deal with an ignorant parker

    Being polite has failed so I'm about to take action. I've a new neighbour who thinks nothing of parking directly opposite my Drive which is on a narrow street which makes it impossible to get the ML out, despite being told to stop it, it goes on. :mad: So me gets a clapped out vauxhall...
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