1. T

    320CDI IL6 Turbo Oil Feed Banjo Bolt Torque?

    Just renewed the seal from the block on the above pipe and putting new copper washers either side of the Oil Feed Banjo Dont want to overtighten or not tighten enough also dont want to dissemble Air Filter Box & Hoses to Tighten Up again. Anyone Know the Torque figure its a 13mm Banjo...
  2. T

    E320CDI IL6 Waterpump anyone done one advice

    I will be removing the waterpump on my 2001 E320 CDI ( w210 ) as there are signs its on the way out , so I intend to disconnect the belt first and spin it to check the bearings . i think they are shot as i have an engine related noise as of few days ago that has perplexed me . My coolant needed...
  3. T

    E320CDI 3rd MAF in2 Years (2001 IL6 )

    Car went into Limp Mode again recently and the symptoms appeared to be identical to the last time it went into LImp Mode ( no kickdown and no revs in neutral above 3000RPM ) so I debated to go and have the codes read for about £50 or to lash out £60 quid for a new MAF I decided to change...
  4. HB

    DTE Tuning Box for IL6 320 CDI for sale

    Hi guys. I'm selling my car and have for sale the DTE box i have in it. Great unit give super performance increase and adds a bit to the economy too...
  5. mct_cars

    W211 E320 CDi IL6 Not starting with "ESP Error" message

    Hi All, Seeing if anyone has come across this problem before. Last couple of weeks, on starting the car, an "ESP Problem visit workshop" error has been coming up when inserting the key - the car also would not start / turn over. Take the key out, re-insert and sometime the same message comes...
  6. R

    IL6 engine noise.

    I looked at a 320cdi IL6 with 150K miles on it today, the price was fairly cheap so I thought it was worth a look. On starting the engine it had a noise like a metallic tap, a noise similar to a piston slap or cam follower. On first start up the noise was very obvious but after a few seconds...
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