1. A

    Has anybody deleted EGR and is it illegal to do so? Was reading about the EGR and the problems it has on an engine. Also had a read up on the kit for deleting and wounded if this causes more problems and if it's illegal? It's a bit of a gray area what I found on the subject. Cheers...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    London to make Supercar Revving/Racing Illegal

    London to criminalize supercar engine revving and loud music About time...!
  3. W4E300

    Just how illegal is this...?

    A great idea and pretty easy to assemble & install....but I'm guessing this might be a little bit illegal. Shame really. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. The _Don

    Thousands of 'illegal' private parking fines may be refunded
  5. E

    Are these illegal?

    Just making sure, is this illegal to use outdoors? (obviously been sensible with it). Laser Pointer Set of 3 pcs 1mW Laser Pointer Green Purple Red Beam Laser Pen | eBay
  6. B

    This should be illegal!

    Why on earth would you want to pay £120 for this unless it was for a less than honest reason? Mercedes STAMPED SERVICE RECORD HISTORY BOOK A C CLK S SL SLK CL CLS G ML Class | eBay What makes me laugh is the last stamp is 2003!
  7. mercedescl500

    I thought Adverts like this were illegal ??

    I might be completely wrong here but I though ads like this were illegal ? :dk: MERCEDES CL55 AMG 2002 UNRECORDED | eBay Might want to double check your car if buying a CL55 in silver.
  8. loveday

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia????

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia if so this car dealer will be going to jail. Take a look at Ebay item number 320725503908 this is advertising a 2010 17 month old C63 AMG with 23,000 kilometres’ for a staggering £93,036.94 YES YOU READ IT RIGHT £93,036.94!!!!!!! :eek: I think we...
  9. verytalldave

    Are most road humps illegal ? ? ?

    This is just my own personal opinion and may therefore be completely flawed. My understanding is that local councils have a duty in law to maintain roads fit for purpose. Which in my interpretation is to keep them maintained so that in normal use driving a vehicle at the roads speed limit...
  10. R

    A Poll - Should MotorCycle Filtering be made illegal

    1 - Yes, It's dangerous and causes crashes resulting in injury or even deaths on the road that can be avoided 2 - No, Motorcycles are allowed to filter so can do so if they wish 3 - No, Motorcycles are a law unto themselves and as such should be allowed to do whatever they damn well please...
  11. pamrit

    Man City Stars fined over illegal tinted windows

    Looks like they tightening up on the law, but what's £30 to this lot! Five Manchester City stars have been fined by police who spotted their vehicles' tinted windows were too dark as they arrived at training. Shay Given, Kolo Toure, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland...
  12. M

    R230 SL500 Illegal Tinted Windows

    Been issued, this Easter weekend, with a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice for having insufficient transmisison of light on my 2002 R230 SL500 side windows. If I'd had them tinted I could understand it, but the thing is that I bought the car from an MB main dealer in 2007 and haven't modifiied it in...
  13. timwood2000

    Illegal U-turn or not?

    Was wondering what you think... I was heading south (in heavy traffic) just south of Brixton high street (for those of you know S. London) and I made a u-turn, which I thought was perfectly legitimate. It was heavy traffic both ways and there were 2 lanes in each direction and no signs...
  14. Spinal

    Linux is illegal now?

    First and foremost, I must apologize. I don't usually post news - but this really takes the mick... One of the "reasons" for issuing the arrest warrant: I realise the EFF isn't totally impartial - but...
  15. K

    Speed Cameras Illegal?? This could prove a little embarrasing for HMG.
  16. M

    Fine returned for Illegal box juntions

    Hi All, Just wanted to share this with you; Last August i got a fine for my bumper being 4 inches inside a Box junction, admitedly i was angry but i paid the fine and thought that was the end. My borther also got caught in the same box junction similar circumstances. but then in november there...
  17. Crazyjester900

    HID XENON KITS - Are they Illegal?

    HID XENON KITS - Are they Illegal? cheers
  18. whitenemesis

    Window Tinting - Illegal to Tint Rear Windscreen?

    Just read this on the PNLD website "In the windscreens (including rear windscreen) and front side windows of motor vehicles first used after 1st April 1985 there must be a minimum of 75% of light allowed through the window (for vehicles first used before 1/04/85 min of 70%). The windows...
  19. robert.saunders

    Cars are trapped on 'illegal' driveways after council fits bollards

    Cars are trapped on 'illegal' driveways after council fits bollards in the middle of the night. Homowners woke to find their cars had been blocked in overnight by bollards. They say council workmen erected the barriers at the end of their driveways without warning. This left them no time to...
  20. C240Sport97

    Spinners .. are they illegal?

    I have a mate who has spinners on his wheels. He has been summoned for breach of "regulation 100(1) of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, section 40A of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Schedule 2 to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988" because his car had...
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