1. ringway

    Illness and Accidents. Hypochondriacs Corner.

    Throughout life, there are times when we are injured or fall ill. Although I have been relatively healthy (head and spine aside) I have come some almighty croppers in my time. The first one, at around 4-5 years old, involved me riding my tricycle into the oncoming path of a girl who was...
  2. ss201

    Sale due to illness: Exceptional 190E LE

    Very reluctant sale of treasured 190E. Very sadly, a very good friend has suffered a debilitating stroke and is now not able to drive his pride and joy. The car is a 1993 Mercedes 190E LE, one of the very last manufactured and in the best colour – metallic blue with contrasting light...
  3. Gridlock

    My unloved C43

    Have been on sabbatical for a while, with health issues. Nearly 2 years of stress, low funds and energy means that my C43 has gone the way of all late 90s Mercs (except for base model taxis, apparently) and is now referred to as the Fast and the Ferrous. I'll get some better pics, but this is...
  4. L

    Guilt free illness?

    Hi all, Just wanted to put a question out there. I have been off colour for the last 5-6 weeks with one cold after another amongst other things and now I have been hit by Sinusitis 3 days after clearing a chest infection! So getting to the point, I have worked through everything to this...
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