1. DSLiverpool

    Has the speedo illumination gone ? W220 W215

    Or is it the state of "on" the car is in - to me it looks like the neon ring behind it has gone ? anyone an idea of £ ? please
  2. Petrol Pete

    Headlamp selector switch illumination

    Hi 2006 C55 AMG. The headlamp selector switch (the part you turn) lights up when the headlamps are on but the 'icons' surrounding the switch (fixed part) do not. Pretty much every car I have ever driven has these lit up so I am guessing a blown lamp. Any ideas how to get the light switch out to...
  3. PXW


    Plenty of time in these dark mornings/evenings to consider the internal illumination of the car controls. Most are nicely and gently backlit, including the column mounted gear lever. But the wiper control does not illuminate and nor does the bezel around the light control. It's the latter that's...
  4. E

    w202 instrument cluster illumination not working

    My -96 w202 instrument cluster illumination is not working. All bulbs and fuses are okay. When turning headlights on the gauge illumination bulbs only flashes weakly. The heater controller lights works ok. Burned out light bulb warning light didn't come on when my headlight burned out. What...
  5. Tuono-AMG

    C205 Start/Stop button illumination

    Hi, I've just noticed that the start/stop button on our new C205 coupe doesn't illuminate like the other controls, is this as designed or should it illuminate? TIA.
  6. CreosoteChris

    W124 Climate Panel / Console Illumination - From Bad to Worse

    Some time ago (months actually, but now winter is here it’s annoying me) the gearshift indicator illumination on my C124 failed - so I decided to fix it yesterday. I dug out my bag of those little crummy bulbs used for instrument and switch illumination, and removed the centre console trim /...
  7. Max Shine

    Interior Illumination E220 (W212)

    Is it possible to change the colour of the bulbs/LEDs which provide the interior lighting around the doors etc from the orange colour they currently are? (I know there is no setting, more of bulb change) Example below
  8. A

    A207 W212 headlight switch illumination

    My headlight switch rear fog lamp indicator and centre switch lights up, but the P, Sidelights, Auto, Main headlight indicators do not light this normal, or should they all light up, or should they light when centre switch lines up with them?...any help appreciated.
  9. A

    A207, C207 automatic gear shift illumination

    2009-2013 model. Should the P, N, R, D symbols and the C-S-M button be illuminated at night when the lights are on?.......just noticed that all other buttons in the car are illuminated, apart from these...... If so, how do you check/change the bulb. Allan
  10. D

    Dashboard illumination

    Hi all, My car (W210) has been in a garage for Brakes, springs and MOT over the past two weeks. I was out driving it last night and noticed that the lighting on the air vents wasn't working. I'm fairly sure the small white notch in the middle of the dial should be illuminated? The passenger...
  11. G

    W124 Dashboard and switch illumination

    The 124 went for its service and MOT today. Passed with no advisories! However one of the little jobs done was to replace the passenger side air vent light bulb. Old bulb well and truly black. New bulb fitted, lights up but flickers. Attempts to adjust contacts so it contacts better but now...
  12. brucemillar

    124 instrument cluster illumination (or lack off)

    In my 124, I switch on my side lights or head lights and my cluster just barely illuminates. I have checked that the dimmer is fully on and I have fitted all new bulbs to the cluster. What to do please?
  13. manofgresley

    Instrument Cluster, Illumination

    Hi all Got in my car to go home last night, in my 2001, CLK 320, turned on my headlights, ok, I started to drive off, looked at my instrument panel, could not see everything, none of the small lamps were on. I checked the relevant fuses this morning, all is ok, before I start ripping...
  14. Horrgakx

    W205 ambient illumination colour disppointment

    Has anyone else noticed that although the majority of the ambient lighting colour and brightness is changeable, some isn't? Such as the amber line that surrounds the front seat position switches? When ALL amber is selected it all matches but I like the blue which looks odd against the bits...
  15. T

    light switch illumination

    Afternoon Does anyone know if the symbols around the light switch on my B class shown are supposed to illuminate? I don’t remember them working but they do have an led strip light in the dash lip just above, so maybe supposed to be lit by this? Any comments?> :dk:
  16. P

    W212 daytime instrument illumination vanished

    I may be imagining things but I'm sure that the instrument cluster on my 2014 w212 used to be brightly lit during the daytime and then softly lit when the lights were on. I noticed yesterday that it's no longer lit at all in the day and I can't find any setting to bring it back. This evening...
  17. adile220

    w123 no dash illumination

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone knows where I can start to look in order to find out why my dash does not illuminate on my 1978 w123 280e? Possibly a fuse as no lights are on (dash binnacle or centre console). Also if anyone knows if these cars had rear seatbelts? Thanks, Adil
  18. c13tay

    2003 w203 illumination question

    Should my 2003 c class have illuminated vent thumb wheels ..? They look as if they should be ..... The white markings are white plastic inset into the black wheels rather than just printed on. Obviously, the reason for this post is that none of mine light up. . Thanks Chris
  19. W

    W202 C180 instrument cluster illumination

    My 1999 W202 C180 had no illumination for the speedometer. Had the cluster out and replaced the broken bulbs. Now none of the illumination lights work. Any suggestions?
  20. S

    E class Active Illumination fault

    I have a 2007 e280 Estate there is a fault code 9023 which is a fault with the sensor for curve illumination it reads as deffective or blocked any ideas how to fix this?
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