1. C

    W204 ILS Cornering Light Bulb Replacement

    Hi I have a W204 which has the ILS fitted. One of the cornering bulbs had to be replaced. So I read the trusty Owners Manual and had a go. The old bulb came out easily with a turn anti-clockwise as stated in the Owners Manual. The issue is I can't get the new bulb to go back in. I can get the...
  2. M

    Is ILS now standard on E class SE?

    Hi, noob here. Hope this is the right place to post. I am in the process of ordering my first Merc (E300 Hybrid SE) through my company's Fleet website. I would like ILS but unfortunately this takes the car outside my budget, so will spec the car without ILS. However, when I spec the...
  3. B

    W204 Xenon+ILS change for Europe

    Hi, I have a pre-facelift W204 with Xenons and Intelligent Light System and was wondering how I change the lights for driving in Europe. There seems to be conflicting information out there. Some seem to suggest being able to do it in the car, but all I can do is turn the ILS off/on...
  4. Felstmiester

    C63 have I got ILS??

    How do I tell if I've got ILS? Thanks in advance.
  5. reason42

    W204 C250 with Xenon ILS - being flashed at

    Hello all, Driving around the country lanes my ILS is a fantastic aid. If an oncoming car approaches it automatically dips etc. All well and expected. However, even when always dipped I'm still getting flashed at as if I have the main beam on. I then saw coming towards me in the dark...
  6. R

    W221 ILS facelift headlight upgrade

    I rarely post photos of what i've done, but this was done over the last couple of days and I thought it looked superb.. We've done this before to a MY2009 S class, but this one is a 2007. In both cases the cars had had new bumpers making it easy for the genuine LED DRLs to be added. We...
  7. I

    C Class ILS side light blown

    Hi First post and it's a problem..... I had an orange message appear last night to advise that my right side kerb light has stopped working. It's the one that lights up when you turn hard right at slow speed etc. it's a MY2012 c63. Have booked it in on Saturday to the dealer but keen to hear...
  8. A

    S204 (C250) ILS stopped working

    All, I guess the only answer here is to pop along to my friendly dealer, but incase I've lost a few IQ points overnight, I want to just check I've not done something silly. Without any obvious incident, my C250's ILS has stopped working. I've checked the most obvious, that the setting is...
  9. Jack Wood

    C63 ILS 2010 LEDs

    Hi, I have seen the new LED Daytime Driving Lights on the 2010 C-Class with the ILS option, and I have been told that by speccing the ILS option on a 2010-build C63 will get some kind of LED DRL's. The question is, has anyone seen these on a C63 yet? Doesn anyone have a link or pic of them...
  10. Steve_Perry

    ILS Toilet Navigation?? :D S.
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