1. Druk

    Editing a DVD on iMac?

    So I have a DVD in which there is a 50sec section I wish to clip out and to eventually load to Youtube. On the Mac as it's playing there is the top menu which has the Edit tab, however most of the commands there are greyed out. To add...I've never clipped a movie before either on Mac or...
  2. MissyD

    imac 27 computer

    20 gb ram memory, 1 tb hard drive, 2.7 ghz intel core i5 processor, great condition, comes with original wireless keyboard and mouse in original box , has been formatted for new owner. £650 ovno, buyer collects or arranges courier from Southampton, thanks for looking
  3. I

    APB Help: iMac 5K retina or not?

    Been cogitaing some time on new kit. Decided on iMac 27" or mini mac plus thunderbolt screen. Issue is 5K retina or not? Anybody got one? Is it really as good as is claimed? I'm not terribly mobile at the mo, so was a tad annoyed, after a painful shuffle along to my local showroom...
  4. Benzowner

    Change from PC To iMac, help required

    Hi, I have just changed from a PC Windows 8.1 to an iMac27, transferred all the documents across, no problems, except in my music files. On Finder on the Mac I have 1583 tracks, however on iTunes I can only import 383. I downloaded Vox for Mac and as that is tied in with iTunes, also only...
  5. nigel cross

    Printing on Imac

    Came across a strange thing the other day, got tickets online for Harry Potter world. The then send you an email confirming your dates which a barcode and some fancy scroll. Went to print it but the barcode and scroll were blank. HELP So I did a screen capture , saved it to desktop and then...
  6. E

    imac memory

    2x4GB DDR3 PC3 10600 1333MHz ram memory for iMac £40 Delivered OR 1x4GB DDR3 PC3 10600 1333MHz ram memory for iMac £25 Delivered ALSO 2X2GB DDR3 PC3 10600 1333MHz ram memory for iMac...
  7. E

    Buying new iMac

    I'm looking to purchase a new apple iMac and was wondering if anyone knows of a site thats cheaper. This is the iMac I want to buy... Apple iMac 21.5" Core i5 2.7GHz Quad Core 4GB 1TB Radeon HD6770M (MC812B/A) - Best price I've found is £1150 Tia :thumb:
  8. J

    Apple iMac 1.83ghz intel core duo 2gb 320gb

    Selling my trusty Apple imac (White plastic 2006 intel model) due to moving over to a portable mac. specs are as title (had memory and hard drive upgraded from standard) X1600 Ati Radeon graphics card isight video camera gigabit ethernet wifi (airport extreme 802.11g) Superdrive (DVD...
  9. jonnyMercUK

    FOR SALE: 20” Aluminium iMac

    20” Aluminium iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz 4Gb 250Gb, Latest Software, Box, Mouse, Keyboard. £450

    Apple imac 27'' - nearly new/used

    But not able to reply in Classified Section yet! Maybe mercmanuk will see this and reply? TCL
  11. T

    Where to buy CD/DVD replacement drive for an imac

    Got a 27" intel imac from 2009. The cd drive does not read well. Seen plenty of vids on youtube which show how to swap out - looks straightforward enough. However, where do you et the new drive from? How do you know its the right one. Same goes for other components such as HD etc. TIA
  12. mercmanuk

    imac and win 7 file sharing problems

    iMac running osx lion server and pc running win 7 all the files on the iMac can be accessed by the pc only public files on the pc can be accessed by the iMac when i try and access files with administrator rights on the pc through the iMac i get a "no entry sign". they are connected through a...
  13. oldcro

    iMac memory

    Upgraded my iMac memory yesterday from the standard 4GB to 16GB. Price from Apple is £480 when ordering on line. Ordered from Crucial and delivered 36 hours later for a total price of £86.35, a saving of £393.65.:bannana:
  14. crockers

    Upgrading an iMac

    Hi I have an iMac with 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and 8 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3. Is it possible to upgrade the chip to an i5 or i7 or does the motherboard not allow it? Thanks
  15. oldcro

    iMac problem

    I was just listening to some music on Utube not touching the computer when it went dead as if the power failed. After about 10 minutes trying it suddenly came back to life as if nothing had happened, except when logging in to this forum my name and password had to be re-entered. I have not...
  16. mercmanuk

    24' imac totally as new

    ive had my imac for 7 months and cant get used to the osx operating system,so moving back to windows 7. 24" imac 3.06 intel core 2 duo cpu 4gb 1067 mhz ddr3 memory dvd writer nvidia geforce gt 120 256mb graphics hitachi 640 gb sata hdd snow leopard 10.6.6 operating system warranty untill june...
  17. nigel cross

    Imac extra Ram

    Thinking about increasing my ram, got 4gb already, and to increase to 16gb is only £150, working on the idea that you cant have too much memory, is it worthwhile? and will I notice the difference.
  18. nigel cross

    Imac trackerpad

    Anyone else here use a new mac trackerpad? Whats your battery life like on yours? The keyboard and mouse are ok, but the trackerpad seems a bit battery hungry
  19. Swozza

    IMac for Sale

    Boy and Girls I have an Imac for sale Model 17" 1.8 Intel version iMac (Late 2006) - Technical Specifications If anyone is interested I'm willing to sell it to a forum member for £150 (COC). Please PM me quickly as I will be placing it on ebay shortly and the starting price will be £150...
  20. oldcro

    iMAC problem

    I've done something to my iMac and now have a problem opening some programmes. For example: When I try to open iTunes all I get is a warning saying "iTunes quit unexpectedly" with the option to reopen, but every time I select reopen it just brings up the same warning. Final Cut Express and...
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