1. M

    Tracker or Immobiliser ?

    Which would you fit, to help offset costs with insurance and piece of mind with keyless entry.. new car C 300 convertible Prem+ August 2017 Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. C

    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    hello, not sure if electric or something else, but these are steps on what happened and outcome and wondering on thoughts really. drove to work - about 25mile of meandering a-road -> NO Issues at all drove to kids swimming to pick them up - as uphill parking put handbrake on & left in 1st gear &...
  3. E

    '94 R129 - Immobiliser Replacement

    ‘Tis time to continue fettling the SL500. I have come to the suspicion that the occasional bizarre electrical gremlins I have been experiencing are tied up with the (intermittent) fault with the immobiliser. The car needs a visit to WG M-B anyway, so I’ll get the codes read then, but if the...
  4. C

    W202 Engine Immobiliser / Alarm?

    Really stuck :( My 1995 C180 had a flat battery. Jumped started the car with leads and the car started fine. Drove for 45mins and parked car up. When I came back to drive off. Engine turns over, car doesn't start. The usual flash of hazards to indicate alarm is off, doesn't happen. Actually...
  5. BAZ-500SL

    Immobiliser issues w210 e220 2001

    Ello guys I got a issue with starting my e220 cdi 2001, someone had said it could be a immobiliser issue, now is there a way I check this and also could over come this to get the car started all help is greatly appreciated , the symptoms is the car locks and unlocks with the remote , the key is...
  6. OJLane

    C270 Not Starting, possible immobiliser fault?

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with my C270. We have been away for the last two and a half weeks, when we got back on Tuesday my battery was nearly dead and would not start so I jumped it from my wife's car and it eventually started. I went and did a bit of shopping and it started without a...
  7. T

    Merc 1996 immobiliser fault, no fuel to pump

    Hi I have a 1996 E300 Diesel Automatic, the immobiliser seems to be in trouble, I've the disc batteries and the fob isn't transmitting when viewed through a digital camera. Sadly the car isn't worth the expense of a new key in the hope it'll make things better again although it would be a great...
  8. A

    E320CDI 2003 immobiliser problem

    Hi - My car won't start I was the proud owner of a E320CDI Estate automatic (2003) but suddenly it died. (Keys both didn't start it, AA man bypassed something with his jump leads and got it to fire but it wouldn't turn over.) Then his AA vehicle towed it on a "dolly" to a local garage who...
  9. W140s500

    1994 S500L W140 Immobiliser bypass ( sorry to ask a age old question )

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and may be able to point me in the right direction. I have a late 1994 S500 ( UK car ) with the 1 button keyfob ( only one working ) which as it gets older, worries me more about future electrical headaches. I realise I should when I recommission the...
  10. gr33nmachin3

    Immobiliser?! 1992 W124 300TD Estate

    First time poster here on this particular forum, but I frequent other forums and am chuffed that these forums exist! I looked through the 12 pages of posts using the search term 'immobiliser' and did not come up with a suitable answer, so I'll post this as a new thread. On to the details: Hi...
  11. Sphinx

    Immobiliser light stays solid while driving.

    Morning guys, I'm new to all of this and a complete novice with cars so you'll have to excuse me. Basically through a turn of events, I've now come to own a 2002 Mercedes C200K Kompressor, Sports coupe. It's the 2.0 litre, manual. Part of owning this car (and so cheaply) is due to a few...
  12. 2

    w202 c230 kompressor immobiliser annoyance!

    Hi everyone, I require as a matter of urgency the procedure for bypassing the immobiliser on my c230k. If anyone can help I'd be more than happy to pay for the information. My phone number is 07432558936. The car is stuck at a bodyshop taking up space and they're starting to get annoyed. Any...
  13. optimusprime

    immobiliser removal

    Hi i have had problems getting this 260E to start.I did all i could to get it up and runnng. But in the end after a week of playing and buying one part or another, i had to get an expert to do what i could not. So he found the problem ,it was the immobiliser so wires removed from the coil and...
  14. B

    W202 alarm / immobiliser problem??

    Dear all Firstly a big hello to all of you and a great site I've come across! Ok I have a problem...a very big problem. My dear old mum beloved W202 has been with us since brand new. It's a C180 1997 W202 C class. A couple of days ago my mum went out shopping and came back to the car and...
  15. P

    More immobiliser problems, perhaps???

    So, we've had a great weekend, 600 miles into Italy, no problem and the E300 D went back into the garage last night for a rest. I didn't lock it and went out this morning to get some diesel before work and it wouldn't start..... I checked the infra-red locking and that doesn't work (with...
  16. M

    E230 Immobiliser fault (Maybe a wiring post?)

    Hi, a newbie here.. A newbie with a broken down E230, from around '97.. It has the old Infra-Red LED type alarm & it unlocks the doors, but fails to disable the immobiliser (leaving the green & red mirror lights flashing alternately).. Tried leaving the battery off for ages, & fitted new cells...
  17. H

    W124 E320 Convertible immobiliser problem

    I Have a '95 E320 convertible that is dry stored on a trickle charger. I drove it out of the garage last week, dropped the roof and stopped the engine. When I tried to restart, the motor turned over but did not fire. This is normal when the immobiliser activates. However, when I did lock/unlock...
  18. A


    Please any body can help me .....?? my car is c180 w202 mod1994 ((( i clsed my cars doors while one of my friends was inside the car and he oppend the car from inside after that we could not start the car . Note: we opened the car by the key and closed again proper way and we coud not start...
  19. D

    Immobiliser Issue?

    Hi All, I have read as many posts as I can on the various Merc immobiliser issues people have experienced but I cannot see the exact problem I have. I have an S320 (1996). I drove to heathrow and back yesterday and parked the car as I normally do and locked it with the keyfob (this was...
  20. S

    w168 immobiliser

    anyone tell me where this is hidden?
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