1. Horrgakx

    Mercedes Me - Imperial??

    Hi - the Mercedes Me app has figures relating to fuel economy and range that mean nothing to me. There is no obvious way of changing km to miles and litres to mpg. Does anyone know if this is possible??
  2. W

    1994 SL500 imperial red 12 months MOT

    1994 Mercedes R129 SL500, imperial red, mushroom leather. 160k miles but shows as 120k due to speedo change (shows on hip as mileage discrepancy due to this) Lovely working roof in beautiful condition. Probably knocking on the door of 2 grand spent last 12 months. £700 of it at D class...
  3. gbjeppm

    3 Good Quality Imperial Sink and Pedestals available

    All I have been doing some bathroom renovations, and have removed 3 high quality Imperial Bathrooms sinks with pedestal from the house, and they are now taking up space in the garage. If i remember correctly they are the Oxford range. They are in great nick, no damage, and very good quality...
  4. lordlee

    Nice C124 in Imperial red

    Mercedes E320 Coupé W124 * AMG 18in Alloys & Spoiler * Imperial Red * NO RESERVE | eBay Needs paint by the sound of it but otherwise a very nice example - especially if that goes for under 2k.
  5. d w124

    My imperial red S124

    As some know I bought a 320 S124,one that I really like actually When I went to view I straight noticed that it's sitting lower than standard and it turns it had sportline chassis as well as ortho seats but my main joy 5 speed :bannana: something the seller never knew after owning the car for...
  6. P

    Imperial Red C36 AMG.

    Hello guys and girls. Just bought myself a little project car, a lovely C36 amg W202. Could do with some body panels (front wings) but they seem hard to find in imperial red. Anybody know of a W202 C Class in Imperial red (paint code: 582) then please let me know? Thanks :)
  7. poormansporsche

    Spotted Imperial Red C55......

    Just had a Imperial Red C55 go past the shop, polish plates , red and black 2 tone leather, didn't get any pics but it was the best looking C55 I've ever seen really unusual, so much better than the usual black and silvers :) Brett
  8. BillyW124

    2006 Ford Focus ST-3 Imperial Blue

    A friend of mines selling his Focus ST. Very nice car indeed. 2006 FORD FOCUS ST-3 IMPERIAL BLUE FSH | eBay
  9. SilverSaloon

    27mm socket - what is nearest size in imperial measurements?

    Hi I've got to get a 27mm socket. Anyone know whats the socket size in imperial measurement? thanks derek
  10. I

    1994 C Class W202 C280 Imperial Red Breaking for Spares

    As most of you who have followed my foray into the world of my friends 1994 C280 will know that we have now decided to break it for spares. I will be updating E-Bay as and when I get further into the car, link below, but if there is anything that anyone needs, please feel free to...
  11. kikkthecat

    E220 Imperial Red

    Here she is at last (why are cars always female ??) Thanks to Graham for the advice, Ian for all his help, and Jason for the wheels, they look gorgeous. I found it through a friend at work, it was being sold by a 79 yr old guy who'd had it from new and cherished it. 72000 miles and every stamp...
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