1. W

    Viano import from Japan?

    Hi - I'm seriously looking at picking one of these up as the specs and value are just too good. Assuming all the usual stuff about import taxes and English conversions are OK, is there anything in particular I should look out for? Should I expect a lot of hassle on servicing and spares etc...
  2. D

    mercedes w123 300tdt turbo us import with mor very rare us only spec

    Very Rare Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesel 123 Estate, LHD MOT'd from California | eBay
  3. Palfrem

    New Jap import G

    After 3 months of waiting it has finally arrived! A 300 GEL petrol of 1994 vintage. It has only done 38K kilometres would you believe and there is some Japanese paperwork that supports this. Underneath it's like new. It's certainly very different my Range Rover, reminds me of the...
  4. N

    Would you buy this Grey Import?

    I have recently been offered a W124 saloon (a 320E) which has been imported from Japan. It is a tempting prospect, completely rust free, extremely low mileage and very clean and tidy with service records, etc. I have asked the dealer about anomalies in specification and he assures me that...
  5. John

    Lexus LS400 - import?

    Why does this LS400 have different lights to the usual LS400 - is it an import from Japan? Lexus LS 400 4.0 4dr
  6. ioweddie

    E320 Estate Jap Import Might Suit Someone Here

  7. 350_Coupe

    C55 AMG 4dr Import from Japan

    on autotrader, not ebay but interesting none the less. i think the original build date is around 2004-2006 looking at the trim and body styling MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 5.4 C55 AMG 4dr Saloon for sale in Egham | Auto Trader 37k miles and wants £11,500 dunno if i'd have the guts to...
  8. M

    US Import R107 to UK - Headlight Conversion RHD

    Hi, I have just imported an R107 380 from the USA to the UK. I was hoping to get some advice \ instructions on how to convert the headlights for RHD. I want to keep the US twin head headlights. Also if anybody has any clever advice for how to neatly create a rear fog light. I would...
  9. allias

    Audio20 does not import contacts

    Evening I got a pleasure of driving 2014 639 Vito with Audio20 and I wanted to get my Samsung conected to Bluetooth. Everything works fine except I can't import any of my contact. It goes thru process but once it try it come back with message transfer couldnt be done or was incomplete. What...
  10. G

    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    Hi all, my name is Gian Paolo, I'm italian and I have been living for some years in Spain. I'm moving to UK for work and I would like to take my cars with me, despite the annoying things that may happen when driving a EU car in a place where everything is placed on the other side :D So, I have...
  11. L

    Import Google Place

    I have managed to be able to 'send' a place from Google Maps to my car, however, I have no idea how to retrieve it in my car in order to import it into the COMMAND system. Any help would be appreciated.:fail
  12. bluederv

    W210 E270cdi import

    Does any other member have a E270 w210 rhd, only seen one other on eBay damaged last summer. Pain to insure as not sold in UK. Any help welcome , tried usual import companies, but still expensive for value of car and age of driver ??
  13. The Boss

    import contacts into command

    hello when trying to import phone address book into contacts for bluetooth telephone in the new e-cab, on the phone it is first name, last name, but on the car is appears last name, first name any advice please Thank you
  14. D

    How to import a Google maps route to COMAND

    From what I read in all sorts of places I should be able to download to my COMAND Online (NTG4.5) a route that I've previously configured via Google Maps using a PC. The manual tells me to send the route to the Mercedes-Benz server and then download to COMAND Online. But I'm suffering brain...
  15. M

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    Hello, After some searching on how to import speedcams in the COMAND navigation, I've noticed that many people are looking for the same, but only a few actually found how to do it easily. In the end I started looking myself for an easy way to do this, based on the different posts on different...
  16. Borys

    Import duties - advise pls

    Got myself a Dodge Ram.I brought it in the Uk on US plates.Owners was driving it for 4 years in the Uk.Want to pay duties and register it.Any advise pls.Called customs 3 times and each time they asking me to fill up different form?
  17. M

    e280 estate w124 Japanese import

    Looks likes its clean as a whistle Mercedes W124 Estate 7 seater Japanese import - Rust free condition stunning | eBay
  18. V12

    Import VAT, customs duty etc from USA

    I'm looking to buy a MOST ipod adapter from Singapore. It's listed at half the price I can get it for over here - £160 with £20 postage. It is second hand (don't know whether that matters or it's just the value that things are calculated on. HMRC website is a minefield and i have no clue what...
  19. 312 Sprinter

    Who is tempted by a Japanese import?

    Highly Radioactive Cars Being Sold Illegally in Japan | News
  20. steveskeggy

    V12 coil pack import

    When I was trying to find a coil pack for my S600, Melk63 asked me to let you all know how I got on, and I guess any other V12 owners could be interested. I had no luck in finding a pack in the UK, except for MB dealers, and then they were few and far between absolutely nothing locally, so I had...
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