1. slfanuk

    560 SEC Wanted - Condition NOT Important

    Hi, I new on here but have been an MB fan/owner/collector for a while. What I am looking for is an SEC 560 for myself. I don't mind the overall condition of the vehicle as I am proposing some 'updates' to the body and the interior of the car, I would prefer the running gear to be...
  2. uumode

    Important messages - should I read?

    Should I read my (4) important messages? Who would actually read them?
  3. B

    Important if your changing cooling fan motor

    I noted a useful thread on this hear And wanted to add some important info. You will note there is mention of the plastic pulley being broken during install. Now when I removed my original...
  4. R

    Important Driving Licence Change

    You may or may not be aware that on the 8th June 2015 your Driving Licence Counterpart ceases to be valid. Instead you can prove your driving history by logging into a new database. The database will let you prove to a potential car hire company, employer, or insurer that your driving record is...
  5. Meldrew2

    Important Health & Safety advice

    This sign should be everywhere…
  6. S

    How important is mileage when buying 10 year old E320CDI

    Hi, I have heard that E320CDI can go beyond 500k, or even 1m miles and with right maintenance and repairs I suppose it might well be the case. However I have a practical question. If buying a 10 year old E320CDI with the expectation of doing 40k miles (overall not per year) in the next 5 years...
  7. mark_le_b

    E55k, minus the important bits....

  8. MercedesDriver

    Why are we less important?

    250,000 fire-risk cars recalled in US but not UK
  9. D

    Tyre pressures are important?

    After towing a caravan this weekend with my CLK320 and putting 40PSI in the rears (ignoring the guidance from the filler cap for 4 passengers plus luggage) I can confirm that it does not feel "right" when the van was not attached. It has massive AMG wheels/tyres on, on 18" rims and another...
  10. poormansporsche

    Torquing Shock top nuts - important ????

    alright all, ive changed my front shocks but i couldnt get the torque wrench on the top nuts. I just tightened as much as i could with a normal socket ! - is this going to cause problems ??? cheers Brett
  11. G

    How important to wait until the glow plugs light goes off before starting CDI engine?

    My first diesel car (W211, 2005 E280 CDI). Sometime I forget to wait until the glow plugs light goes off before I start the engine. What is the risk of me (or my wife who is worse than me remembering to wait) damaging something in the engine? A friend of mine said he had an Audi A4 for 5...
  12. B

    Steering damper - how important is it?

    My 93 W124 320E feels a bit twitchy at speed, and requires quite some concentration driving fast, not the relaxed experience I'd become accustomed to in previous Mercs. I have changed quite a bit on my front suspension - new wishbones with ballpoints and front anti-roll bushes. Could it be that...
  13. DSM10000

    Important information about your health records

    A friend staying with us was reading the Guardian on line today and reminded me of this. Why your health secrets may no longer be safe with your GP | Society | The Observer As it is likely to not be universally known I thought I would post the article here so you can all make your own informed...
  14. I

    Why do some lorry drivers think keeping their momentum is more important than safety?

    One of the things I find most frustrating is HGV drivers who pull out in front of you - or even into the space you are occupying, forcing you to swerve into the next lane. Often, with no indication whatsoever. I know they need to keep up momentum, but this should never take precedence over...
  15. M

    Mercedes 202 sport 16 inch wheels tyres not important

    Need 3 c class sport alloys 16 inch tyres not important car is a 1999 c class thanks in advance Stewart
  16. Satch

    Important information for Porsche owners:

    There is now absolutely no doubt at all that you are driving an expensive Volkswagen BBC News - Volkswagen agrees to buy rest of Porsche for $5.6bn
  17. B

    What is the important spec for a new E class estate?

    Hi, I am looking for a new/nearly new E class estate. I was looking at the E220cdi Executive SE auto (7G tronic, full leather, heated seats, avantgarde wheels/suspension, navi 50, etc but no xenon headlights). It is a great deal for a brand new car and is very tempting. However, I have seen...
  18. developer

    Dealer fitted Brabus chip - some important warranty requirements.

    A word of warning for anyone who has had a Brabus chip fitted by a main dealer. My car developed a flat spot recently which was diagnosed as a faulty Brabus chip (D6 III). My dealer wanted to change it under the car's 3 year manufacturers warranty because, as a dealer fit part, it was...
  19. Burger

    What's important?

    I had one of those days yesterday when you're reminded all too vividly what's important in life and what's just a minor irritation. I woke to the news of the earthquakes in Christchurch and naturally my mind went immediately to relatives I have there. I tried to call them but although it was...
  20. K

    Sl500 service history pls help - is i important?

    Hey I am in looking at a SL500 The car im looking at has dne 45000 miles But its first service was a SERVICE B carried out at 23000 miles So service history is SERVICE B 23K SERVICE A 31K SERVICE B 38K SERVICE A 44K Is this ok? The car should have been serviced after 10-15k but it has not...
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