1. Palfrem

    Imported W124 E320 estate - 65K miler

    1994 Mercedes Benz E320 (W124) Estate | eBay Looks very nice - but £19K? Check out the sellers' other cars - there's a C36 with 56K miles too
  2. Charles Morgan

    W126 300SDL - anyone ever imported one to the UK?

    Not sure I've ever seen one here but for some odd reason I'm sort of interested to find out if anyone has brought one in?
  3. P

    Anyone ever registered an imported classic car?

    Hello all. I've bought a rhd 60s Porsche 911 from Australia. The car is due to arrive at the mot station on 15th July. The problem is that the insurance will only cover the car on the VIN number for 30 days but the car will take 6 weeks to register it? Also on the dvla form (V55/5) its...
  4. A

    Imported cars and legroom

    Hi, would anyone know if Mercs made for the Japanese market have less front legroom than equivalent cars made for other markets? I've sat in some imported W124's (and W202 stationwagon) and thought the legroom wasn't what I was expecting for a large German car. I live in NZ so imported cars are...
  5. B

    Imported ML270 W163

    Can anyone tell me if buying an imported ML270 51-plate will be different to a UK car, it is UK spec, mechaniclly are they identical?
  6. Alfie

    Annoying imported phrases/words

    Is it me or are we seeing an ever increasing influx of 'Americanisms' into our language. I say this out of dismay at some of the words/phrases I hear in everyday conversations. Here are my present pet hates. How about yours? Americanism........................................Correct English...
  7. V

    Anybody imported a car in from Germany??

    Hi Has anybody imported a car in from Germany and if so whats the score with the paperwork side of things? 1) What paperwork should I be given in Germany... 2) Whats involved if when I get back to good old Customs 3) What paperwork will I have to provide to the DVLA to get...
  8. AdamBoyse

    Imported CLK

    Hi I've decided to upgrade from my C200 to a 2001 CLK320 and have found what looks like a great car. It's from Mercedes Direct so I have some protection should it all go pear shaped but before I take the plunge I checked it over and noticed a few things that I need advice on. 1. Is it...
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