1. whirsk

    Importing from japan

    Hi Folks I am travelling to japan this june for a business/pleasure trip and hopefully one of the irish rugby summer tour games. Whilst in japan i am hopeing to check out the second hand car market. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of buying/importing a car from japan? Is it best...
  2. A

    Is there in interest in importing rust free sheet metal

    All, I'm ex pat Brit living in Texas and I have serious car hobby that usually results in me buying a number of parts cars that i use to fix my cars ,and then sell parts off to fund the hobby. The majority of cars that I buy are Mercedes Benz from the 70's and 80's like the W108/W109, W107...
  3. R

    Importing routes into Comand Online NTG 4.5

    Hello, I recently acquired a 2011 'facelift' C220 Sport with Comand Online NTG 4.5. I do NOT have (and certainly don't want) a smartphone of any sort, so don't use probably the main reason for 'online'. However, after some initial reluctance, I now find the Comand system very good, and use...
  4. Timster

    Importing S124 250 TD - parts wanted

    Hi. I'm importing an S124 250TD. 1995 model so it's the face lifted one from a specialist I've known in Germany for many years. Flying over in April to bring it back. Will bring it back on euro transfer plates and take it straight to my local Indy for Uk MOT. I've done this before with a...
  5. Spinal

    Importing a Car

    I know a few people here export cars from the UK... has anyone done it the other way around? I'm thinking of bringing something over from India - how feasible is it to register it in the UK? Maybe more importantly, how expensive is it? M. EDIT: Forgot to say - I presume the same rules apply...
  6. V12

    Importing goods from China?

    I am looking to bring in a couple of pallets of goods from China and could do with talking to anyone with first hand experience. I have previously had a box or two of a few hundred small items come in. First question is whether I should let them arrange shipping or whether I should look into...
  7. jamesfuller

    Advice importing a car please

    Has any one bought in a car from Europe and registered it here. It will be from the 80's or early 90's if that makes a difference. The plan will be to buy the car in Poland and drive back here then get it registered! Any advice would be appreciated!:thumb:
  8. I

    Importing exhaust from USA

    Has anyone done this? I've spotted a cat back s/s system for sale in Texas. It's 340USD plus 220USD shipping. Does anybody have any idea what taxes etc might be payable. Best UK quote I've had so far is £800 plus vat. Thanks.
  9. Stratman

    Importing XML into Excel

    I have a Garmin golf GPS thingy (Approach G6) which stores lots of data on each round. Lots and lots and lots of data. It also has a rudimentary scorecard viewer which only works in Internet Explorer (PC version) and doesn't show putts taken or fairways hit, data which is stored in the G6...
  10. B

    Van or Car - importing to Malta

    Hi All, I am trying to find some information regarding which Vito's are vans and which are cars.. In a few months I am moving to Malta who charge enormous tax for cars and much less tax for "commercial" (n1) class vehicles. i have a family and would like to get a vito that is a close to...
  11. J

    Importing Contact Names from HTC Desire to Comand

    Hi folks, My first post so be gentle! Took delivery of my new facelift Edition 125 C250 CDI two weeks ago today. My first Mercedes and first auto and I'm loving it. So much more refined and comfortable than the TT it replaced. I've managed to connect the Desire via bluetooth to the Comand...
  12. Simon_M

    Importing contacts into COMAND

    As some of you may know, I am having serious ball-ache getting any contacts loaded into the COMAND of my 2010 C Class. It doesn't have the phone prep so as I now know I cannot see my phone's address book. The manual does however say that I can load my contacts from my phone via Bluetooth as...
  13. D

    Importing a car >10 years old from the EU

    Has anyone done anything like this before? The things that cross my mind:- 1 De-registration from the EU country of export (plates?) 2 Getting the car back to the UK (transporter) or drive it 3 Insurance for getting it back to the UK (which companies do this) 4 Its more than 10y old so...
  14. T

    w211 rear fog importing car to spain

    how do i change the rear fog light to the left to pass the spanish mot test? i have looked at the bulb clusters inside the rear lights and it appears that when switching on the rear fog it somehow just makes the righthand tail lights much brighter' anyone know how to do this, any advice much...
  15. The Boss


    Guys.. following on from other threads.. im looking further afield for a decent w140 early model 600sel.. if say i find a LHD model in the US, whats anyones experience to bring a car over from abroad.. I get the carfax checks done etc.... then what..?? thanks
  16. JumboBeef

    Importing a yank

    Hello all, How much would it cost to import a motor from the US? I was looking around eBay USA and certain cars caught my eye, like this one: Chevrolet : Corvette:eBay Motors (item 260450922474 end time Jul-28-09 11:51:52 PDT) for £4,000! I have some very good friends in the US, who know a...
  17. W

    Importing CDs - Apple Lossless

    Hi everyone, Having recently re-formatted my computer and also having bought a new iPod (80GB Classic) I'm looking to import a number of CDs into my (iTunes) music library. Question: Is it worth using the Apple Lossless Encoder? I appreciate that it's supposed to offer the best sound...
  18. MikeL

    Importing from the USA

    Help! I'm trying to purchase a Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-Ray player from the States. Happy to pay duty taxes etc, however I can't find any company prepared to ship to the UK? Any thoughts - the unit is $450-$500 depending on seller. Mike :(
  19. C

    Importing used Mercedes from Germany.

    I'm planning to spend my winters in Portugal and want to get an LHD car. The model I had in mind was an S600, the car I have in the UK. There seem to be a number available on, but I don't speak German. Does anyone know an agent who could help me import the car I choose to the...
  20. Swiss Toni

    Importing a car from Australia

    Has anyone any experience of importing a car from Oz? Shipping costs, taxes etc Does it make any difference that the car is a 1970 model? Thank you :rolleyes:
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