1. A

    W124 JPY Imports?

    Good afternoon to you all - I'm seriously thinking about pushing the button on a (24K mile!?) pre-facelift 1990 W124 300E. Has anyone in the community got an experience specifically of JPY imported low mileage cars? "Some-say" they come-in as absolute minters, and the jacks fall out of the...
  2. Palfrem

    Japanese imports and increased insurance premium

    I'm looking at buying a Japanese import. It's via a proper company in the UK and is a splendid looking 1994 G Wagen 300 GE. Just done an insurance quote and if I say it's imported, the premium goes up by 25% and my excess increases by £150 over what it was when I got a quote with no...
  3. E

    Imports from Northern Ireland?

    As it says, really. Is there any problem, other than physically getting the car here? I presume not, but one never knows,,,
  4. merc85

    Japanesse Imports??

    Ive notice whilst looking for a merc there are alot of Japanesse imports coming over, but the prices seem to be cheaper than Uk vehicles? Why is this? are they no good? Any help apreciated
  5. G

    C of C/ Type approval/Mutual recognition for imports

    Hi all, The import fun continues. I understand that DVLA before reregistering an import requires one or all of the above certificates and won't accept all the stickers on the car or on a foreign registration document giving a type approval number. Without the paperwork the car has to go...
  6. Palfrem

    Imports from Japan?

    Mercedes Benz Aren't there some great cars. The Yen is 149.71100 / £
  7. G

    DIY imports, VCA, type approval, DVLA etc

    Hi all I'm just wondering if anyone has imported a rairly recent LHD Merc into the UK in recent times? I work for much of the time in Germany although I still officially live in the UK. Most of my business mileage is overseas so it makes sense to buy a left-hooker for business use (I just...
  8. D

    Newbie questions on W126 Japanese imports

    Having run a 300SE a couple of years ago (90K to 120K faultless miles) I am now looking at the V8s and attracted by the low mileage LHD imports from Japan that are around. I have already had a very low mileage Honda import which caused no problems at all but are there any special things to watch...
  9. abs

    Nice imports

    Nice mercedes imports Spotted whilst searching
  10. masher_uk

    Yen/Japanese imports

    Have you seen the exchange rate recently? Back in October it was ~180 Yen to the pound and today it's ~130 :eek: I only mention it because this week I bought a new guitar at the 'old' price of £880; the same guitar from the same (and every other) music shop is now ~£1200!! :crazy: Reason given...
  11. tromppost

    Grey imports

    Any thing take your fancy?
  12. Sp!ke

    Some interesting car imports

    Thought some of the stock here are interesting. SL500 for 5k delivered seems like good value. They seem to have loads of V12 S classes, I guess they must be popular in Japan. :eek: Interesting very low mileage G wagen...
  13. T

    Japanese imports - how does it work?

    Need a little bit of help with importing a car from Japan, how it works and what's involved. The car is NEW and is only £12000.00 in Japan from start to finish whats needed to import and register this car, costs, tests, taxes etc. The reason being, the prices I've found to basically have...
  14. Thmsshaun

    Electrical Imports Duty

    No Duty Goods Arrived! Anyone know what the import duty rate is for goods from China or where I can find it out. Dont seem to be having much joy on yahoo. Looking at some goodies for the car :D
  15. C

    EU Supplied Imports - A good buy??

    I'm currently searching for a 2003-ish SL350 or SL500 and keep seeing new and secondhand eu-supplied imports for sale at markedly below the uk supplied equivalent. For example Hondas-uk are selling brand new SL350s at £9k below list! Is this the bargain it seems or does the old saying "if it...
  16. D


    Are there any problems buying a non uk sourced merc?
  17. kusanku

    Hong Kong imports

    Just come accross a low mileage 129 series SL500 for sale, which has taken my fancy. Sounds really good, but transpires it has been imported from Hong Kong. Does anyone know what the implications of this might be? thanks Simon
  18. VikJ

    Question about imports

    I'm currently in the market for an A-Class as a second car and have seen a very well spec'd, low mileage and good condition A160 Avantgarde. However, the car was purchased in Germany by the 1st owner and then brought over to the UK. It now has a UK No plate, Logbook, MOT and tax etc.... Its...
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