1. R

    Impressed with Mercedes customer care..

    I bought my E350 Cdi Sport just over two months ago from Mercedes in Stockport. I paid £14700 and it's on a 61 plate with 71k on the clock. Its a lovely car in metallic white. Last week, the car wouldn't start. It's been diagnosed as a faulty power steering lock which needs replacing...
  2. Felstmiester

    Impressed with Indy oil service

    Had an oil service done at a local Indy this morning. I supplied my own oil. Charged me just under £100 !!
  3. jaymanek

    Wheel Alignment - Center Gravity Atherstone - Super Impressed

    I have just completed a brake upgrade to my W124 500E. Just in case anyone is interested, I went for the R129 Silver Arrows setup which has 334mm drilled and vented discs at the front and 300mm drilled and vented at the rear. Brembo calipers, OEM Mercedes Silver Arrows but refurbished as...
  4. Crazyfool

    Really impressed with MB Bromley

    The guys have been great. I've been in continuous e-mail conversation with the sales person since picking the car up, they've assisted me in getting the right documentation together fort my part-x and I had a call today to see how I was getting on and if I needed to know anything. They are...
  5. mirras

    Not impressed with OM642 hoses

    Spent a bit of time under my w221 S320 for the first time yesterday with the under-trays removed. Was replacing a split intercooler hose and I am very unimpressed but the layout of the various rubber hoses and pipes. There are a few air-con hoses with rubber 'spacer sleeves' deliberately fitted...
  6. dubsR33

    CLK Boot lip Spoiler impressed

    Hey guys just thought id share some good news :rock: I ordered and paid for on the 24th of April last week, a CLK boot lip spoiler coming from Taiwan and it arrived this morning!! :bannana: so 4 DAYS!! Its a perfect fit and was a great price imo (£57 posted) MERCEDES BENZ W209 CLK-CLASS...
  7. A

    Very impressed by MercTech, Hoddesdon, Herts

    Great job & customer services by Tony & his team at AA MercTech in Hoddesdon, Herts. Correctly diagnosed a problem (following an incorrect diagnosis by another garage), gave me a courtesy car FOC at no-notice. Impressive repair work, very good price. Friendly & enthusiastic service. Best...
  8. tonyc280

    Well impressed with Mercedes Leicester

    Well i very recently went to Mercedes Leicester for a few service parts and not been there for quite a few months but the guy in parts remembered me and applied a discount for the "MB Club" without me even asking. He is a really enthusiastic guy and been there 7 years and is full of info...
  9. LTD

    Ever been impressed by another car ?

    My S500 had to visit my indy to have some new brake pads and sensor fitted at the front the other day. Whilst it was away, I borrowed my good lady's car. A Volkswagen Polo 1.4 Match. 8 months old, just under 4000 miles driven so far. Took it to work on my usual 12 mile run. Comfort was...
  10. M

    W124... Highly Impressed

    Hi Guys, Joined the forum a few weeks back. Years ago when the W124 was fairly new I always drooled over the sight of these timeless pillarless coupe's and loved the TE's and E500's. Had a few rides in some some saloons. Was always impressed. Then my sister and brother in law started...
  11. A

    Bike rack fitted to car quite impressed

    OK, so you do pay a premium for thule stuff. Fitted this today and have to say its very well thought out and good quality. That way it clamps on / locks on / and then tilts down to allow access to the boot. Nothing else to say really just a handy bit of kit for any other biker person. (The...
  12. C

    Have to say I'm impressed

    While fitting a new steering damper to the Wifes SLK 230 last night, I thought I'd nip up the front wheel bearings. I was impressed to see the MB split nut and 5mm hex bolt arrangment, much better that all that cage and split pin set-up found on just about every other make. Sad I know, but I...
  13. PJayUK

    Very Impressed With 3M Car Cleaning Products!!

    Just a quick plug I was told about 3M's range of car cleaning products, Bought some of the car shampoo and quick wax and I have to say that they really are very good for the price. I am not into car detailing but like a clean car and I have to say that these are the business for the cost. Oh...
  14. kusanku

    MB World - not impressed

    I made my third trip to MB World in Weybridge yesterday, and was not impressed. I went with a group of friends, all of whom had to drive at least two hours to get there, and the plan was to do some driving, and then head elsewhere for the rest of the day. I booked 6 rides, two AMG and four 30...
  15. Gucci

    Defection? New Discovery 4 - VERY impressed

    So I was having a chat with the good lady about what car to replace the ML W163 with. She's a big fan of the new Freelander (I quite like, but think a facelift is due). Then an ad popped up for the new Disco 4 - very smart. We stopped off today at our local Land Rover Dealer which was very...
  16. petermansell

    Pretty Impressed by MB Design

    So after six and a bit years my CLK near side rear light fails....:( I know this because my dash display tells me ..... and then says that the RESERVE tail light is on:thumb: Pretty impressive. Well done MB.
  17. sportedition

    Impressed by MB service

    Ok, so this is my very first Mercedes. I've only had the car a week and have managed to trap the seat belt buckle between the seat and speaker pod. The speaker pod was inevitably put through. Took the car to my local MB dealer (not really expecting them to be prepared to fix it under warranty)...
  18. Sp!ke

    Impressed by fuel consumption

    A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Croatia again. I do this annually so quite used to the journey. My W124CE did the journey in just over three tanks of fuel. My W123 in 5 tanks of fuel and my motorcycle in 6 tanks of fuel. This year I did the journey in my wifes S60 and we did the...
  19. A

    Just joined and very impressed

    Hiya folks joined last week and read through some of the forums. excellent website, well done to all concerned. Bought my first MB on the 13th May, wasnt looking for a car, the car found me, from then on its been a love story. Actually my wife will agree, im trying to balance my relationship...
  20. MBManInKen

    Impressed by fuel consumption

    I've had my W220 for a few months now, so a picture of fuel consumption is forming. And I must say, I am impressed! :) My previous car was also a LWB S500, the w140 chassis. Overall, I have achieved 26.5 mpg over the duration of my ownership. On a motorway run, I easily get over 32 mpg. Not...
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