1. X

    My Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-25

    I bought this new in 2005 and try to keep it clean I've enjoyed the car but have a hankering for a SL350 if I can find a good one.
  2. gaz_l

    Non MB content: my Impreza for sale

    Hi all, If anyone's in the market for a cheap quick estate, my Scooby is up on the Bay at the moment: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Cheers, Gaz
  3. W

    Any Subaru Impreza owners?

    My apatite has been whetted and a change of cars is looking like a possibility. (keeping the Audi, selling the Smart) One option is a Subaru Impreza estate turbo (MY2000 I think). The balance between practicality and performance has me thinking it's worth trying once in your life. Simply my...
  4. W

    Gaz_L's Subaru Impreza

    Hi Gaz, That new Impreza of yours looks great. It's the same estate generation as I have looked at in the past. Like you said, there are many tired/thrashed ones out there, so it's good to see...
  5. gaz_l

    Classic shape Subaru Impreza

    Well, I finally tired of the Golf, and as I still can't find a C55 at the right price point I have gone back to an old favourite (this is my third one) - a Subaru Impreza estate. There are a lot of leggy, tired ones about now but I managed to find a low mileage, cared for example with all the...
  6. G

    2000 X plate Subaru Impreza Turbo 4 Door for Sale

    Edited to add piccie..hopefully! After I've cleaned it and took some piccies this weekend I'm about to reluctantly put my Sept 2000 X plate Dark Blue Mica 4 door turbo up for sale at £10,800 o.n.o. on Autotrader (my ever growing family means I've got a big sensible diesel Merc estate on...
  7. G

    Finally Defected! Impreza Turbo to Diesel E Class..

    After about 12 months umming and ahhing I've this afternoon finally gone and ordered the replacement for my current MY00 Impreza Turbo. I've gone all sensible and grown up and ordered a new Merc E320cdi Avantgarde Estate (got myself 4% off list too which I think isn't bad for a UK supplied...
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