1. L

    The Vito 120 V6, The Vito 190 improvement(?) & the Future for the Vito.

    Does anyone know why Merc' haven't kept the good bits of the 120 V6 when they came up with the 190? Is there any news of a "Proper" improvement of the excellent 120 V6 before they stop producing the Vito and just make the ridiculous Pick-up? Come on Merc', please speak to your...
  2. Max Shine

    OEM Improvement W212 Sound

    I have a 2012 W212 E220 Edition 125 and wish to improve the sound quality. Had read that speakers are hard work to change and maybe an amp upgrade is best way. Can anyone advise further?
  3. L

    CDI mpg improvement

    Just thought I'd share this. I've been using diesel Redex and two stoke oil for the last few months (both from Wilko's, £2 for the Redex, £3 for the 500ml T2 Jaso FB grade) both will do two full tank fulls and have been achieving a consistent 10% improvement in economy and a much quieter cold...
  4. Simzy

    Amazing Improvement

    Just a quick thread to update you all on my car issues. It had no power at all, intermittant limp mode and generally poor performance. Also it was painful going through the gears ..soooo slow. Anyway i took it to a local indie who suggested de-catting it as it was bunged up a slow. Went to pick...
  5. Sp!ke

    warmer weather and mpg improvement

    Has anyone else noticed an improvement in mpg over the last couple of weeks coinciding with warmer temperatures? I just filled up this evening. 525 miles and 30 litres to brim the tank again...... Yes the roads have been a bit quieter on my commute due to the school holidays but thats about...
  6. jonnyboy

    emissions improvement?

    Hi all Mate of mine has a vito petrol. Failed MOT on emissions too high in all four segments of tests. I checked the plugs and airfilter, both recent. It seems to run a bit "choky" ish, only used for short journeys. I forgot to tell him to go for an italian tune up before the test but I do...
  7. snoop51

    MPG improvement winter to summer tyre swap

    I currently travel the same route every Monday morning before traffic builds so can achieve reasonably close results. I changed my wheel / tyre combination from winter 17" to the fitted as standard 18" summer conti's over the weekend. I have then driven down the A12 over the Dartford crossing...
  8. Burger

    Audio Improvement

    I'd like to improve the audio in my SL. I have the 'standard' NTG1 Comand (not the upgraded Bose system). I'm not after some audiophile set up because a car will never be the best listening environment, but I think something to provide a fuller sound would be more pleasing to my ears. Not...
  9. Wizeng

    alloy wheel improvement

    What is the cheapest way to touch up alloy wheel chips & knocks, just got C220 CDI, and want to improve the looks of the wheels, can't afford wheel refurb as no longer in full time employment.
  10. D

    w124/what options for cooling improvement

    I have a nice w124 300 td (wagon non-turbo diesel) with AC and AT and it has the factory fitted radiator. I want to know in what ways I can improve the cooling for the engine, engine oil and AT oil. Is there a more efficient radiator in w124 family ?(like 300TE ?) May I apply some...
  11. Palfrem

    New MAF Sensor - what an improvement

    Hi all Not sure if this the right location, but.................. Last week had some problems with 2001 E320 cdi @ 95K miles Usually goes like a train, but for some reason very sluggish, almost like the brakes are on. Then later, pulling away the car would not rev beyond 3000. Cruised at...
  12. Pietre

    Lighting Improvement

    I have the non xenon just H4 headlamps. If i replace the bulbs with Xenon will i get an improvement, or should I try to mount some PIAA spots or equiv. Most of my driving is on m/way and country lane first thing in the morning approx 6:15am to work. Any advice please. :rolleyes:
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