1. T

    W169. A-Class Performance improvements

    I have owned a W169 2009 180 petrol A-Class from new and am very fond of the car and want to keep it. It is however a little slow...... Does anyone know of any engine improvements or larger engines which can be installed or maybe recommend someone who specialises in W169s?
  2. W

    Mercedes Me feature and improvments requests

    Hi, I think Mercedes Me is the start of something good - a truly connected car. However, Mercedes developers have a lot of work to do. I'd like to compile a list of feature requests, bug tracking and improvements that I'll send off to Mercedes. Not that I am expecting any preferential...
  3. C

    SL55 - airbox improvements etc.

    Thinking of going with something like a Renntech or Carbonio airbox and intake tubes on my SL55 as every little helps as they say. It would also look rather good too, but that's not really the point obviously. Having trouble finding what's available in the UK as nearly all I read about them are...
  4. John

    E55K standard system improvements?

    Is there any kind of improvement which can be made to the 'standard' system in the E55K? I have 7 speakers (single sub on the parcel shelf) but no Karman Hardon. I enquired at my trusted ICE place when I first got it but it sounded rather expensive to do anything and it is fibre optic in...
  5. bpsorrel

    Facelift CLS improvements?

    In the same way the W/S211 was massively improved at the 2006-> facelift and things like the SBC were removed, does anyone know whether the 2008-> CLS facelift had the same improvements? In other words would a 2009 CLS be less likely to suffer the issues mine has had (and no SBC ones too!)?
  6. A160DSB

    Improvements to a W168

    Right, my A160 is pretty standard.... I think. It has (as far as i'm aware); 15" Genuine Mercedes Alloys skirts Rear Bumper (the little tiny thing) Part leather seats That's about it I think.... I'm a student, paying an extortionate amount of insurance, disposable income of...
  7. Ade B

    Home improvements

    From posts on here, many of you consider your home an important part of your life and it seems quite a few plan to or have undertaken extension/alteration works to your property. How many used/considered a qualified architect as part of the process and if so did/do you think they added...
  8. nickg

    comments/suggested improvements please

    To this ad on PH for my very lovely SL500. Toppishly priced I know, for the time of year, but I'm open to offers......have I made that clear enough in the ad? Nick Mercedes : Mercedes Benz SL500
  9. Z

    Improvements in 2001 facelifted ML's

    Hello everyone, I am considering buying an ML 270 and just wondered if they had appreciably improved the quality of build on the post 2001 facelifted models. As most people will know they have faired quite badly in most reviews, namely the JD power surveys. I just need to be confident that the...
  10. altreed

    c36 improvements

    Hi, Has anyone any experience in adding a turbo or supercharger to a c36 and what the cost/benefit might be? Thanks Dave
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