1. B

    Improving a C63 s204

    I know it's all been asked before but supposed to be working so don't have time to sift through it all just now. I've kinda found my interest waning a bit and started looking at other motors. Might try a bit of tuning before moving on as i love that engine!! Any ideas on where would be best to...
  2. V

    Improving exhaust note

    Had my car 3 months and 2500 miles. Had a aggressive drive yesterday and really enjoyed chucking the car around and using the box. What I noticed is the change in the exhaust note much better more like the N/A I had before. Tell me it's not just me noticing a change in a new AMG :thumb:
  3. MoAMG

    Improving Harmon Kardon System

    As you may know, I've recently taken delivery of my new CLS63. The car comes with the HK sound system as standard. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of turning down the B&O upgrade because boy does this HK system sound crap! The treble and mid range aren't too bad but the bass and the lower...
  4. A

    Improving wheelchairs

    Hi All, I regularly post on this site. Saw this thread today and was lost for words. Ok I wasn't as I posted a reply. (Megatrig) I wondered am I being to harsh on uni students and a project?
  5. F

    ML63: improving exhaust note?

    Morning Guys. I'm currently looking to buy a 2007 ML63 and managed to go and view a couple on the weekend. Pics really don't do these beasts any justice as they're much more purposeful and handsome in the flesh imo. The engine is something else and there's something very addictive about...
  6. 6

    Improving ride quality and handling of a C350 CDI sport

    I've had numerous cars and driven many more, from track biased to luxo barges. I find my C350 CDI saloon Sport quite harsh in terms of comfort, but without the handling benefits. I reckon the springs rates are too high and the dampers don't seem to react to road irregularities well enough. Too...
  7. T

    Improving the sound/performance of a 06 CLS63

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice from you knowledgeable lot! I'm going to be picking up my 06 CLS63 soon and have already started looking at ways to improve the performance and also getting it to sound like the world is about to end! Would getting the below done suffice this? Would...
  8. R

    Improving tbe 5.5 biturbo sound

    Hello Does anybody have any experience of modifying the above to improve the noise ? Whilst I knew it was never going to be as raw as my c63 I am pondering doing something to give it a bit more oomph. Suggestions ? Sensible ones please !
  9. jediblade

    Improving mpg

    Whats the best way to improve the mpg on my W211 E320 Cdi, chipping, re-map or as a colleague suggested changing fuel and air filter often?
  10. B

    Improving Ride Comfort

    I currently have 255/35 ZR18 (rear) and 225/40 ZR40 (front) on my C 204 Sport. What are the implications of downsizing the wheel size with higher profile tyres? How do I go about it? Ta
  11. Gollom

    Improving fuel economy (petrol car)

    I have read quite a lot on how a chip/remap can improve economy on diesel cars but not much about petrol. Most of my miles in the E240 are motorway. Are there worthwhile options available?
  12. MB-BTurbo

    Improving the sound.

    The noise on my B200 Turbo is pretty good for a 4 pot when accelerating reasonably hard but it feels very restrained and muffled. Is there a way of opening it up a little? I have looked high and low and no one seems to make aftermarket back boxes for it. Im not looking for a boy racer 'fart...
  13. whitenemesis

    Improving Armrest Cubby Lighting

    The "glow-worm" that attempts to illuminate the storage compartment under the centre armrest in my CLS is seriously inadequate. Trying to see anything in there at night is nigh on impossible! I pulled the fitting out only to find it's some sort of LED or light guide. There is no bulb. Has...
  14. artyman

    Improving MPG

    I had a trip up to Warwick and back yesterday to collect a new lens for my camera. Toddled along with the cruise control most of the time at 70mph. This was what the trip computer was showing when I got back, not sure if I believe it though judging by the position of the needle on the guage, I...
  15. R

    Improving MPGs

    Chaps What can I do to improve the MPG on the W210 E300 TD? Main driving is A13 at 60ish but I currently enjoy up to 60MPG in my Passat, and est 45 in the E300 - What can I do to increase it closer to 50MPGs? Cheers
  16. R

    Improving W168 Ride - oversize tyres

    Hi All, I need some new tyres. I have 15" wheels with 195/50 tyres. As we all know the A class ride is a little rough over the bumps... Has anyone fitted oversize tyres to their A Class in an attempt to improve the ride? any comments / advise please? Am i mad to attempt it? Thanks All...
  17. Horrgakx

    Improving brake pedal feel

    The best brake pedal feel I've driven would be either that of a Caterham or my mate's Ferrari 430. Compare my W210 AMG to those and it's like pressing my foot into a couch. My brake pedal moves a good way before anything happens (it's done the same before and after a service so I don't think...
  18. W

    improving lighting

    I have a 1992 124 300e and was wondering if anone had any information as the best way to imrove the dip/main beam.I want to keep it legal though.
  19. Aeromerc

    Improving ride comfort

    Hi all, my first post having bought a SportCoupe a couple of months ago. I had a good browse/search for similar topics but didn't find anything... I love the car, having upgraded from a cheap/old/ordinary make. But I'm finding the ride a bit irritating. It may be a function of the cr*p...
  20. C240Sport97

    Improving sound quality on 210 Estate

    Hi All I have a 96P E230 T which I really am quite fond of. The last thing to fix is the sound quality, which is utter rubbish. I suspect the Audio 10 CD does not help much, nor does the fact that the speakers are now nearly 13 years old. I would like to keep the Audio 10 CD because it...
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