1. grober

    The Solar Impulse is in the Air!

    The thread on the Spitfire reminded me of another flying story making the news today. [YOUTUBE HD]lzXaPOvQ_Jg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. M

    Impulse bought a tired old W124 320TE... what to do!?

    Well I impulse bought a rather tired looking 320TE last week. Some of you may have spotted it on eBay. This is the first Mercedes i've owned – but I have done many long road trips in a variety of early 90's MBs! It's done 242,000 miles, has rust in the usual spots, has basically no history...
  3. W

    COMAND 2.0 W163 no speed impulse

    Hi, this is my first post here so thanks in advance. I have issues with the COMAND 2.0 fitted to my ML270 W163. I have read on here how to access the diagnostic menus and have found that I connect from 3 - 5 SATS but SPEED is 0. I purchased an original disc as I thought it may have...
  4. Lorne

    A bit of an impulse buy really

    Following the untimely demise of my silver dream machine; a rather old but much loved Peugeot 406 coupe I decided this time to obey rule number 2 in life, which of course is ‘always buy a German car’. Rule number 1 incidentally, and the reason for having bought a French car in the first place...
  5. moonloops

    I went to buy a burger and...

    Well I was getting two new rear tyres fitted to my MR2 Turbo and the tyre fitter asked if I wanted to wait or come back a bit later. I asked if the local burger van was around as it was lunchtime and told them I'd go grab a bite to eat and come back in 30/45 mins. Burger van wasn't there so I...
  6. C

    Impulse buy

    Hi, I have just found this forum and have spent the last 2 hours reading previous posts. I need a little assurance that I have done the right thing, two months ago I bought a 3 months old ML320CDI I am very impressed with this and have no doubts about my purchase, but I have to admit it is...
  7. Spinal

    Neural Impulse Actuator

    Has anyone had a chance to play with the "OCZ NIA / Neural Impulse Actuator" ? It's due for release soon, and I'm very tempted to pre-order one (at about £100 they aren't too expensive) especially if the hype it to be believed! That said, I'm a bit suspicious on how well it works, and I'm...
  8. Howard

    Kicker 8 inch Impulse sub in box

    Perfect if you want an unobtrusive sub. It won't blow your windows out, but adds a nice depth to the music , i was running it off a 150w amp bridged and it sounded nice. £25 ono
  9. Fudger

    Just done a P/X on impulse!!

    Guys, driving past a dealer this afternoon and the wife spotted an ML. We always thought of having one but never really got around to looking. Anyway, and to cut the story short, we have put down a deposit on an Oct '03 ML350 Inspiration with 18k miles at £22k. The C280 is the P/X and the...
  10. pepper&boulou

    Impulse buy Or not as it turned out!

    Today I was out getting some decorating materials that I needed. On the way out of the store my attention was drawn across the road to a mercedes w210 estate turbodiesel avantgarde that was on a dealer's forecourt (non MB). On spending some time investigating the car I had decided to take it...
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