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  1. M

    Good auto electrian in/near Reading Berks?

    Hi, I have some electrical issues on a w202 C280 sport and would like to know if there are any auto electricians that come recommended in/near Reading, Berkshire. (Siren fuse keeps blowing, so possible siren/disconnection/replacement SAM/heated rear window relay. Can see a few local specialist...
  2. S

    Any W124 owners in/near NW London area

    Hi, Looking to see if there are any W124 owners with lowered coupe or saloons to see how the car feels when lowered ? Got a E220 coupe and I'm wondering to lower the car slightly but don't want a crashy ride or loose all the ride quality. Thanks in Advance
  3. C

    CLK320 Newbie - indy in/near Norfolk?

    Hi all, Have recently changed my car for a 2004 CLK320 Elegance. Very happy with the car's overall condition, ran fine on test drive & has the Behr radiator. Lowish miles (63k) and stamped up service history. Since collecting the car from an independent dealer two issues have arisen. Firstly...
  4. clarea

    Detailing in/near St Albans

    Any recommendations please for a detailer in or around St Albans please? Thanks!
  5. P

    12v power in/near glovebox

    I'm installing a dashcam that is to be powered permanently (it has it's own auto-off) as it has a mode for recording while parked. I read somewhere that the cd changer has a permanent source of 12v - after much searching can't seem to find the post or any others about removing the changer and...
  6. Igurisu

    Need help - steering geometry fixing in/near Rotterdam

    Bad start to our germany tour this evening :( Nearing the ferry port in Hull and swerved to avoid a lump of wood in the road. Unfortunately I swiped the kerb pretty hard, so hard the roll bars popped up. My front tyre is toast, still inflated but with chunks missing out of it. The wheel may...
  7. diesel demon

    Merc Mechanic required in/near hertford

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a good (and reasonably priced) Mercedes garage in/near Hertford (herts). I've had the car 6 months and it will soon need a service. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  8. buccal

    Any members live in/near Yeovil

    Anyone local willing to have a quick look at this car for me: Buy a used MERCEDES-BENZ CLK Car - Auto Trader UK Would save me another wasted trip from London if its a non-starter.
  9. W

    Best place to buy parts in/near London?

    Hello gentlemen, Just a quick background on myself and my Benz. It was my father-in-law's car he purchased from Germany quite a while back. He drove it all the way back here and then shipped it to Philippines (our home country) where it has stayed more than two decades I think. He has now...
  10. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Independent specialist in/near Croydon, Surrey?

    Not for me, for a friend. He has a G reg W124 230E auto which has not run for over a year. It needs service, MOT and TLC. Price is a major factor.
  11. Jukie

    Anyone in/near Hindley Green, Wigan? Nice looking car. Love the colour combo. Reasonable price too.
  12. V

    who wud ya use in/near Derby

    i have a 98 C180 esprit i could do with sum work on who wud ya use near/in Derby? Cheers
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