1. Max Shine

    External Temperature Gauge Inaccurate

    The external temperature indicator on my 2012 W212 today was reading 5c when infact it was 2c, according to the weather on the radio (which prompted the query) and on checking various weather apps and online, they too said it was 2c. Is there a calibration required or faulty sensor?
  2. T

    Inaccurate fuel gauge

    If i put £10 worth fuel it shows 1/4 tank which i no is not correct :mad: More annoyingly when the fuel light comes on, i can only do less than 10 miles before car stops (out of fuel). Surely when this comes on you should do at least 15 miles no? :confused: How do i fix this
  3. 6

    W204 : MPG display inaccurate

    I have a 2010 C350 CDI. I average about between 40-42mpg on long runs according to the OBC (mpg displayed). brim to brim records shows that this is consistently 9% optimistic. Is there a way of recalibrating the MPG calculation ?
  4. N

    COMAND inaccurate?

    I've had my '03 C220 (my first MB) for a few days and have noticed that COMAND is not giving accurate positions. Sitting on my driveway, it tells me I'm on the next road down (400 yards away) while on motorways, for example, it lags behind my actual position by about the same distance. Is...
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