1. trapperjohn

    16 Inch. 8 Hole Alloys. X 4.

    Part Number 210401070 71/2JX16HET41 Fitted with 3 X CONTIWINTERCONTACT and 1 X CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT. (Had a non repairable puncture in the other WinterContact) All tyres road legal. Conditional of the alloys, fair. Available from PR6 postcode or possible delivery to Yorkshire, North...
  2. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  3. andybond

    [W204] C63 Genuine 19 inch alloys

    Hi All, I have changed the alloys on my car from the OEM 19inch alloys to something different. In doing so I now have 4 staggered genuine c63 alloys for sale. The alloys have been painted metallic anthracite , and I would consider them presentable , but not mint. 3 have slight...
  4. Charles Morgan

    B class 16 inch alloy wheels

    A friend is after a good set of 16 inch wheels for his 57 reg W246 B class as he finds the ride a bit harsh. If anyone here has some they want to sell (he's not interested in anything tatty or requiring refurbishment) please let me know!
  5. S

    CLS 20 inch tyres. confusion over sizes.

    Hi. Can anyone point me in a right direction.been all over internet and online shop selling tyres giving different size compare to charts. I've looked online and so far best tyre size for my alloys: 20x8.5J ET35 255/35/20 (245/30/20 in online shop) 20X10J ET35 275/35/20 or 275/40/20 or...
  6. H

    For 19 inch alloys

    For sale 4 brand new Mercedes 19 inch allow wheel. Cost new from mercedes is over £2600.I brought them for my ML but never got round to fitting them.I am looking for £800 ono.
  7. v8sam

    CLS 19 inch Alloy wheel

    I am selling a genuine 19 inch rear AMG alloy wheel from my CLS 63 AMG with two Pirelli tyres. The car was serviced three weeks ago and I was informed that the tyres have 4mm thread left. The wheels were aligned by WIM in Chesham. The wear is even across the tyres. The reason for the sale is...
  8. MikeInWimbledon

    W222 wheels on a W221 (18 inch)

    Go easy, it's a stupid question, I know, but I've never understood wheel sizes. I have classic (diplomat), big comfy 17 wheels on my W221. They are ridiculously comfortable but they are a bit...dull. I'm tempted by an 18" standard wheel design from the W222. (And no, I don't want 20"...
  9. S

    18 inch AMG wheel copy

    Hi, Selling this wheel that I had as a spare. It's some AMG copy from Styledynamix I believe? Has some kerbing but looks tidy as a spare - has contrasting inner rim and polished spokes / lip. What's it worth? £60? Based in London R
  10. UtterPiffle

    Rear corner half inch lower than other side - W211 e63 Estate

    Hi all, Is it possible to adjust the height of the suspension on one rear wheel? I've got a 2007 e63 Kombi. Air suspension works fine, all 4 corners go up and down the same amount when you press the Airmatic buttons, and it doesn't sag if you leave the car for a week or so. But one rear corner...
  11. G

    19 inch c63 AMG Wheels

    Wanted ; 19 inch wheels for a 2011 c63 , have 18s on at the moment and want to upgrade Please PM me Thanks
  12. sjmaxwell

    iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen 32GB

    My 10 month old iPad Pro in Space Grey with the 12.9 inch screen and 32gb is up for sale. It's in superb unmarked condition and is fully boxed with all its accessories. It is on 9.3.5 IOS. Selling as upgrading to large capacity one £550 free postage to mainland UK
  13. P

    19 inch space savers. Are they all the same?

    19 inch space savers. Are they all exacty the same? Same stud pattern and bore size etc. I would like to get a set banded and fitted to my W202. Are they all the same no matter what car or van they are from? Thanks
  14. Bigdrew

    22 inch wheels

    Hi new to the site hope someone can help I have just not long Bought a ml 350 bluetec 2012 with 22 inch wheels but I have Noticed the the back wheel bolts are not the same length as the Front don't know if the wheels are genuine or aftermarket is this Normal for them to be a different length

    4 AMG 18 inch wheels

    Genuine amg alloys. 6 twin spoke. came off my 2011 E350 CDI sport. Front...18"x 8.5 ET48 AMG B66031480# A2124013602 Rear....18"x 9 ET54 AMG B66032481 A2124013702 £350 plus postage at cost....or free collection. they all have marks. Will take photographs tomorrow and email them...
  16. M

    Refurbished Genuine AMG 18 Inch Alloys - How Much??

    Hi folks, First of all, I haven't posted this in the For Sale section as I really am trying to get some ideas on how much I might get. I've had my spare set of AMG alloys refurbished from my S204 Estate, with a view to selling them to recoup some of the money I’ve been shelling out...
  17. T

    17/18 inch Brabus Split Rims /replicas or similar wanted

    Loved the Look of these on a CLK I nearly bought until I was seduced by the V8 I eventually bought . I am still hankering after the wheels . Anyone got a set going cheaply:D or something similar Boyd
  18. IMD

    Looking for 40 replacement bolts for 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rim wheels

    Hi all, I am in the process of getting my 2 piece AMG Split Rim 18 inch wheels refurbished by Lepsons. (Picture of wheel type attached) Two of the wheels had been painted before I bought them and therefore the bolts were painted over. Lepsons have emailed saying that they have stripped...
  19. M

    Tyres for 2013 C63 AMG (18 inch)

    Hi All, My Conti Sport (OEM fitted) need replacing and wondering what advice people have on the best tyres for a W204 C63. Contis were ok but would like a bit more grip. Most people say the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the way to go, but I can't find them for 18" wheels, looks like you...
  20. IMD

    AMG 18 Inch Split Rim refurb finish advice

    Hi all, I'm asking Lepsons for a quote to refurbish my AMG 2 piece 18 inch split rims. I bought the wheels last year and they have been repainted by the past owner. Does anyone know the original finish? Is it painted face and polished rim or painted face and diamond cut rim, or another...
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