1. Dave Richardson

    Full marks to Inchcape

    Full marks to Inchcape for their good pricing structure & customer care.:rock::rock: I decided to buy a new pair of front wings for my car and priced them at £191 each + delivery from my local stealership. An e mail repsonse from Andrew Loft at Inchcape gave me a price of £171 each including...
  2. B

    Life must be good at Inchcape Mercedes Chester

    Well, when you want to place an order for a £40k car you may think that a promise of a phone all back in 20 mins ( this was 2 days ago) wouldn't be too much. I think it's been mentioned before but I don't think I have come across a more disinterested franchise. I'm not expecting anything...
  3. Mr. B

    Inchcape MOT Cover

    When I purchased my motor earlier this year I was given 12 month MOT cover by the local dealer (MB Inchcape) Today it has failed it's MOT on the n/s/r LED lighting unit. Basically the side light flashes instead of the indicator (I believe this is a fail safe for when the indicator fails)...
  4. paulyV6

    Inchcape Mercedes Benz Loughborough

    Don't know if anyone will see this, but I just thought I'd say what a pleasant experience buying a car from this dealership was yesterday. I'm most impressed with my two new key rings and Mercedes golf umbrella too! Many thanks
  5. Alps

    Mercedes Inchcape extra 20% off

    Inchcape are giving an extra 10% on top of their usual 10% discount when ordering via their site this weekend. Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape use code PROMO10 no connection with them but someone might want to use it
  6. A

    Big thumbs up for Inchcape Liverpool

    Got into the CLS after work today (3:50pm) and tried to start it up. The starter went mental and just kept going but the engine wouldn't take. I had to switch it off using the key. Tried to start it again, this time it caught and started but the display flashed up ESP Error, ABS Error, Tyre...
  7. Druk

    Inchcape. That's inflation for you.

    Ordered a 'Pad' A107 750 00 66 from Inchcape website this morning. £1.91 + postage. Email from them this afternoon. "Order rejected, part now cost £12.70". :eek: They need to update their site..........just a tad. Anyone got a spare (blue or black) trim for the top winding down...
  8. K

    parts disappearing from Inchcape?

    Priced up a rear screen seal for my 126 yesterday on mercedes-benz-parts to see how much discount I could get with a coupon code, also asked my local dealer if they could price it for me and see if they could do me any discount. For some reason they said they couldnt give me any discount on 126...
  9. Druk

    Inchcape prices?

    You may have read on the mytyres thread of my broken front spring. Priced this on the Inchcape site A2113210404. £44.85 list. £40.37 with discount. Bought at my local dealer. £39.00 list. £34.13 with MBOC discount. Are Inchcape inflating list prices to make the discount look...
  10. DSLiverpool

    Ok Its Crunch Time Inchcape Or MB Warranty

    I was going for the MB warranty but its not a pure extension of the makers warranty as I thought (Tier 1) and at £1500 the Inchcape one at £600 exc comand seems good value and includes inchcape assist breakdown cover. Im amazed at £1500 the MB warranty not as a new car one maybe with rattles...
  11. DSLiverpool

    Inchcape Service Discount Vouchers & Experience

    As forementioned I took the CLS into MB Chester yesterday for the first time, it needed a C service and an early MOT and I am buying a warranty (thats another story). I got the car from Inchcape Nottingham and you get a little cheque book of vouchers for service discounts and introductory...
  12. DSLiverpool

    Inchcape Warranty

    Whilst resigning myself to the £1500 cost of the MB warranty (no hassle option) the biz manager mentioned that Inchcape do a warranty option and he is working out a price. I was not aware of this option I guess its the used car warranty they put on none Mercs ? - has anyone had any experience...
  13. stats007

    Inchcape Brabus Monoblock Wheels Sale

    Absolute bargain if you ask me! Brabus Monoblock S Wheels
  14. smiddyboy1

    Inchcape Website down???

    Is it just me or is the Inchcape website down??? Hopefully its not gone :(
  15. DSLiverpool

    My Local Inchcape Is Closing

    :( Pity it was a good one - is this the start ...............
  16. M

    Inchcape Parts Website

    Anyone know how long it takes for parts to arrive when ordering from this website, and what method of posting they use? i.e. what happens if you're not in when they deliver?
  17. C

    Inchcape on line

    I checked several basic items on Inchcape website tonight and I see that their prices have jumped up yet again on almost everything. For starters, an oil filter has gone up again to over £12 plus vat. What gets me is that they stick a higher price on in red, score it out and say YOU SAVE ...
  18. R

    Inchcape servicing offer on again.

    Got another postcard this week with discounted A & B servicing costs. Says it's valid until 31st Dec 07, but last time I had one of these my local dealer told me they'd honour the price anytime. It really jumps out at me that, as last time, my C270CDi has a discounted B service price of £315...
  19. R

    Inchcape mailing

    Inchcape own quite a number of MB dealers in the NW, East Midlands and Warks - I got a mailing from them today, containing some rubbish about a 'VIP Manager's Confidential Event' on new and used cars, plus a leaflet of contract hire offers. I was just about...
  20. R

    Inchcape Expands Its Uk Mercedes-benz Interests

    I guess this means they've bought Road Range - any thoughts? INCHCAPE EXPANDS ITS UK MERCEDES-BENZ INTERESTS Inchcape plc (Inchcape), the international automotive services group, today announces the acquisition of the Robert Smith Group Limited, and its subsidiaries, which consists of six...
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