1. MancMike

    Incident in Turku, Finland :wallbash:
  2. markjay

    Incident in Barcelona
  3. grober

    Vettel in Tour De France Incident?

    OK OK I got the name wrong- legitimate use of elbows/racing incident or took him out? You decide? [YOUTUBE HD]mgwZsxukSL8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. markjay

    Incident in Brussels Luckily no one got hurt apart from the perpetrator.
  5. Happytalk73

    Paris incident.

    Paris's Notre-Dame: Attacker shot outside cathedral - BBC News
  6. markjay

    incident - London Bridge
  7. markjay

    Security incident near Houses of Parliament

    Reports of shots outside UK Parliament - BBC News
  8. markjay

    Nothing to worry about - everything is under control (incident in France)

    Injuries feared after blast at French nuclear power plant Let's hope for a Western wind...... :eek:
  9. markjay

    'Chemical incident' in London City Airport

    London City Airport evacuated in 'chemical' scare - BBC News The big question.... accident, or terror-related?
  10. DannyHall

    Little incident local to me

    Came out of the Cinema last night with the other half to find the car park had turned into a scene from Fast and the furious Tokyo Drift. Cars flying up and down and just a general car meet of young lads with around 50-60 cars.. Had about 5 cars trying to race me on the way home. Noticed a...
  11. rockits

    5 Year Old Daughter Horse Riding Incident Advice

    I thought a few of you might have an opinion or advice around this one so much appreciated if anyone could help us a little. My daughter has been going to horse riding lessons since about October last year so would have been 5 1/2 years old then. She is 6 in May. I have to be honest it wasn't...
  12. M

    Petrol Station Incident... Any advice?

    Hoping to solicit the advice of anyone of the great folks on here to an unpleasant collision on a station forecourt earlier today near Oxford. It was in my 05 C270. Short story is that I was driving through the forecourt (well, along the outside edge) when a chap in a Nissan Navara flung his...
  13. ringway

    Car Park Incident. Who will pay for the damage?

    Thankfully not my car (I just wouldn't let the situation happen in the first place). Serves him right I'd say. From the Full Fat Range Rover forum. LINK. Wonder who will pay. A mate of mine was at An Aldi yesterday day and a new range silver rover pulled in and parked at the doors...
  14. 219

    Serious incident in Glasgow

    Bin lorry has crashed , reportedly after being involved in some kind of incident with taxi - several dead . Several pedestrians killed in Glasgow bin lorry crash - BBC News
  15. W

    Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands Incident

    Not sure what's happened here but there's a ton of Police at Brooklands today. No-one there is saying much but it looks as though they've been ram raided overnight. Quite a job to pull off in MBW, as anyone who's visited will know. I would imagine security there is generally pretty good. I...
  16. 6

    Malicious damage - bizarre incident this afternoon

    Wife came back from shopping, Noticed driver's side wiper was off the screen. She thought someone had stolen or attempted to steal the wipers. Car had been parked in a leafy Surrey residential road. I took a look and found the wiper arm had been bent back. On closer inspection I saw there was a...
  17. BTB 500

    Another 'elderly driver' incident

    Picking my son up from primary school yesterday we saw a small hatchback wrapped round a tree. Ambulance plus two fire engines, lots of activity. The bizarre thing was that it was in a tiny car park ... couldn't figure out how it possibly got up enough speed to do such damage. Anyway ...
  18. Palfrem

    Scary incident in Moscow!

    Moskau: Lkw mit Gastanks verursacht Explosionen auf Autobahn -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE Treat those cylinders with care folks
  19. JohnEclass

    M60 Incident

    Set off for Leeds this morning decided to play safe and go round the M60 instead of going over the hills......unfortunately poor bugger in a van lost it in the snow and wiped out, at the cost of his life. My thoughts are for his poor family. Stuck for an 1 1/2 hours then allowed past, did the...
  20. markjay

    Cardiff Van Incident
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