1. K

    E350 (W207) sat nav showing incorrect current location

    Hi guys, Hope you can help, I recently purchased a E350 from dealer and sat nav was working fine and a couple days later it started showing my current location as being 100 miles away! I went into engineering mode in COMAND and set it to my current location and started working fine and...
  2. B

    ML 270 CDI Incorrect Injector number

    Hello, My first post on here, I have been lurching for a while and have really enjoyed the wealth of information Cheers ! Firstly i bought my first MERC ML 270 CDI - 2002 6 Months ago. It discovered (or i noticed) it was ticking. This turned out to be a incorrectly seated injector. I managed...
  3. DarrenG

    W208 - Ext Temperature Display Incorrect

    Just noticed the outside temp display on my '99 W208 is reading 50 degrees. Now it's nice out but it isn't that nice! Can anyone tell me where the sender is located for this?
  4. Spinal

    Legal advice: Incorrect Marked Price

    So I went to JJB sports today to buy a new set of gym trousers and some other items. I found a pair of trousers went to pay and was told it was part of a set, so I could only buy it if I found a matching shirt. Fair enough. I then found a nice pair of adidas trousers, on special offer "Old...
  5. jukie

    Exchange 2000 & incorrect date stamp

    Exchange 2K on Win2k. Messages going out are holding in the SMTP queue and we don't know why. One strange thing we've noticed is that in Exchange System Manager, the messages that are held show a date (currently) of April 25. All machines on the LAN have the correct time & date. Anyone got...
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