1. J

    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force
  2. WDB124066

    Low speeding tolerance could increase crashes...

    Seems the Australians have thought it relevant to study this in some detail. Low speeding tolerance could increase crashes - study
  3. N

    W204 C200cdi power increase

    Hi , I'm the owner of a 2009 C200Cdi sport auto , I've done a bit of research and I'm still unconvinced on which way to go for a bit of extra performance and economy, a remap or a tuning box . The wife is the main driver , so not looking for big performance, if I was I'd have bought a 320 . In...
  4. D

    Price increase for C43 AMG Estate

    A strange thing just happened. I placed an order for a C43 AMG Estate and agreed the price with the dealer. Just noticed on the Mercedes website that the C43 AMG Estate (and perhaps other models) have had a price increase!! Will the dealer expect me to pay the new price or honour the previous...
  5. brucemillar

    80's car theft in the increase.

    Crazy for Cortinas: The 80s cars targeted by thieves Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. F

    Kleemann supercharger CLK500 insurance increase

    So for a while, I've been thinking of getting a Kleemann blower, but entering it as a mod on comparison sites brings my insurance up to about 5 times what I pay now :/ is this accurate? I know because it's not a mod done by Mercedes themselves, they don't like it one bit, but for what it's...
  7. Discomark10

    C200 CDI Power increase

    Hi guys, New to the forum, recently brought a w203 200CDI. I've been having a look at options to squeeze some more power out of the ol'girl. From what I've read so far, a remap seems to be the best option and maybe a slightly larger crank pulley. (not sure if this is just for the petrol...
  8. MoAMG

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    I’ve created a petition to proportionally increase speed limits on UK roads – please sign and share! Click this link to sign the petition: My petition: Increase road speed limits in line with advances in...
  9. F

    106bhp increase on C43

    Visited MSL yesterday with the C43, chatted with Acid and Imran about what can be done for the car with some exhaust mods. We reckon an extra 106 bhp can be achieved with the use of sports cats and a resonator delete. Brilliant :eek: !! (Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the existing cats are...
  10. D

    w203 performance increase ???

    Have found a late c180 for my dad. He would like better performance similar to C200 figures. Are these easy to mod as the engine is the same?
  11. N

    Clicking noise as speed increase.

    I have recently purchased a 2005 C200 CDI Estate, with 69000 miles on the clock,plus 2 previous owners. It has been kept very well generally. It is a automatic and drives very well after having bmw 300D estate for 15 years from new. The problem is a noise ,which almost sounds like a speedometer...
  12. N

    W211 E Class with Audio 20 - how do I increase the "aux" volume

    Hi everyone! Had my merc for over a year now with no trouble, so figured it's time to try to sort the one thing that really annoys me... I regularly listen to podcasts in the car from my iphone, which i have plugged in to the aux socked in the glovebox. However, the volume level is so low...
  13. Peter T

    France to increase taxes on diesel fuel

    End of the road for Diesel-powered cars in France | Daily Mail Online
  14. M

    Ways to increase car performance

    What is the best way to increase your car performance? I heard a lot about ECU remapping, rototest and performance remapping. Are these implementable? Will it help me enhancing my car's performance with the same old engine?
  15. poormansporsche

    Hypothetically using LPG to increase performance ???

    alright, Just a though really, in general terms. I have a old prefacelift C230k with LPG. The tuning options are pretty limited on the c230k but on the one size fits all LPG system it has a completely mappable injection system, a max of 350 bhp LPG pump and max of 300 bhp gas injectors...
  16. Pitts Pilot

    Can one increase the rate of charge to the battery?

    Is there a way of increasing the charging rate to the rear battery in my SL? And would this be a good idea anyway, given that it is a battery designed for low-mid current use, not high current use, like the front engine/starter battery? I'm thinking too much charging amperage might create...
  17. Cigano

    Brabus box w211 Insurance increase ?

    Guys what sort of insurance should i be paying on my e320 cdi sport now the brabus box is fitted ? My wife had it on her own swinton policy ,but when asked what the increase would be if i had the box fitted they said i had to contact their high performance department who have not got back to...
  18. T

    Becker Map Pilot - Increase Volume

    Hey everyone, I have a Becker Map Pilot in my C250 and it works fine but my only gripe is that when the Sat Nav gives instructions it is just too quiet. This is both with music on and music off. When it is off it is quiet and when music is on it does fade out but I still can't hear the sat...
  19. mark_le_b

    When did W211 E500 increase in capacity happen??

    Can anybody tell me when the E500 moved to the larger (and more powerful) engine? I think it was 2006 sometime?? Thanks
  20. S

    Staggering Increase in MB parts prices

    Just under 6 months ago I got the parts price for an complete drivers door mirror assembly for a W124 A124 810 82 16 - price £221.40 with 10% discount from Mercedes Benz Parts Direct. Just got the latest price which is £876.96 inc 10% discount.:eek:
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