1. S

    Tracker install INCREASES insurance

    I have just taken delivery of a pre-owned 2011 E350 Cabriolet. After a week's deliberations I decided for peace of mind I will have a tracker fitted (probably the RAC Trackstar TM450. So I chatted to the RAC to check how much my insurance premium will be reduced by and their response was that it...
  2. P

    2010 Mercedes UK official price list and price increases!

    Has Mercedes UK increased prices for the year 2010? If yes, is there such a thing like an official 2010 Mercedes UK price list? Just a question..... :dk:
  3. stats007

    MB Parts Price Increases

    Maybe I haven't been paying much attention but it seems part prices for certain items have doubled in the last few years? R129 Storage Bin was around £12 - now £26. Antenna ~£40 now £80! What's going on? :confused::rolleyes::(
  4. R

    Public-sector and utillities price increases

    I'm beginning to wonder about the talk of zero inflation: BT bill today (contract unchanged): * Rental charges up by 12.86% * Calling plans up by 8.7% * Calling features up by 24.7% Royal Mail recent price increases: * UK 1st 8.33% * UK 2nd 11.11% * Europe 12.00% * USA 10.71% Local-authority...
  5. R

    More Tyre Price Increases

    Just a heads up that Bridgestone have announced a 6% price increase from 1st March....
  6. T

    A Class 150 SE when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100

    Hi guys I did a quick search on the forum, unfortunately I could not find the answer to my questions. My sister recently bought an A Class 150 SE car and she noticed that when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100 once the car picks up the speed then...
  7. R

    MB UK parts pricing increases ...

    MB UK seem to be raising prices in the parts department HFP RRP has gone up from £260 to £267. It was £250 at start of year The map disks have gone back up to £235 from being around £140-£160 depending on which dealer you asked for the V8 E class disk - the 9.1 disk wasnt even available...
  8. M

    We must take a stand against petrol increases!

    I have received a few emails recently about not visiting your local garage for a day to try and hurt them at the pump. I can;t see how this would work. What if everyone stopped getting petrol from certain suppliers, Texaco seem to be the most expensive in my area, would that not be a better...
  9. st13phil

    Slowing Down Increases CO2 Emissions... says new research conducted by the AA linky Quote: A shock new study shows that driving at 20mph instead of 30mph actually pumps out more CO2. Research carried out by the AA has revealed that slowing traffic down can boost carbon dioxide levels by as much as 10 per cent. And the...
  10. C

    My Tyres, Price increases ?

    Anyone else noticed that some of "My Tyres" prices have suddenly increased ? I just checked and some have went up in price by about a fiver since last week. (BF Goodrich Profiler) :confused:
  11. Satch

    Air Passenger Duty increases retrospective

    It just keeps getting better. Is there nothing Gordon Brown cannot screw up? "The Chancellor's decision to make the extra tax retrospective is causing great concern. It will mean affect tens of thousands of passengers, create a logistical nightmare and bring more chaos to the airports...
  12. saorbust

    Price Increases on the sly .....

    Has anyone else noticed the change in prices from MB ? :eek: I note the new price lists for the CLK Cab for example - dated 1st April (some kind of joke?!) on the MB UK website show a slight increase in basic model costs. Eg, CLK320 - as of Jan 1st is £38,730 on the road (I have the...
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