1. L

    London ind. MB specialist? CLK Windscreen noise!

    Hi all I still haven't managed to get to the bottom of my annoying wind noise (above 50 mph) coming from the lower windscreen area on my 1999 (w208) CLK. The previous owner (a nice, honest chap) said that the car had the wind noise the whole time he owned it (from 2 years old until a couple of...
  2. maxg

    Looking for a good vw ind. mechanic west London

    I need a good indi to work on a 2006 polo with a EM fault ie with the correct computer. Could anyone please recommend a good one in the west London area (Wandsworth Putney Battersea). Thanks :)
  3. F

    Chester Ind Merc specialist

    anyone know independant Merc specialist near Chester ?
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