1. andy27168

    CLS55 small indash sampling fan/sensor

    Hi, There is a small fan behind the lower dash trim to the left and just below the instrument cluster indicated by a small round grill, I believe it is for air sampling for the climate control system (had a similar one in the 202 in the interior light panel by the rear view mirror) and as my...
  2. holbay

    Indash CD Changer

    Hi guys my E320 Cdi has a glove box where the indash cd changer goes i have a new changer but noticed there are no screw holes on the side of it like you get with an optical drive in a computor. So does anyone know how the glove box comes out, do you have to remove the whole part from the dash...
  3. sanj517

    W211 - E Class (in-dash) CD Changer

    Hi, My E Class has the majic button in the centre console for the CD Changer, can i fit a salvaged changer and if so can anybody do it? Rgds
  4. P

    InDash DVD Player for W124 200E

    Hi everyone My name is Peter Lim and I'm from Malaysia. I just bought a 19-year W124 200E and am thinking of changing the CD player to a single DIN DVD player with a folding DVD panel. Has anyone installed such a player and is there sufficient room for the folding DVD panel to fully open when in...
  5. V

    How to wire up a W211 in-dash cd player

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to connect up my in-dash 6cd player to my comand 20 head unit? I have a 55 plate W211 320cdi estate. Thanks
  6. G

    Indash display in CL500

    Indash display in CL500 does it need reprogramming? Hi guys, Does anyone know how to make the indash display to show the fuel tank capacity as well as the range? At the moment it only shows the range and nothing else. But in the manual it shows both options. I must remind you my car has no...
  7. aka$h

    W211 6disc indash mp3 cd player
  8. H

    In-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner

    My W210 has the basic Tuner/Cassette. I'd obviously like to upgrade to a CD player(single is OK), but I'm very tempted to go for an in-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner option. Not too keen on the stick-on units with wires! I've seen a Becker Traffic Pro High Speed package which I can have fitted...
  9. V

    indash DVD

    if you had £600 ish, what in dash DVD would ya buy and why? as i am looking for 1. Do ya have 1 for sale? :bannana:
  10. mickl

    WTD: In-dash CD holder for W202 C Class

    anyone have one of these available? cheers
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