1. F

    Where do I find a good independant garage to look after my 1996 S124 E280 Estate?

    Now that I have finally got my E280 estate back from Japan, who should I Use in Aberdeenshire to look after it?
  2. N

    Independant Merc specialist in Middleton ,near Rochdale

    If anyone needs servicing ,repairs etc I can recommend Paul at MPH PRESTIGE in Middleton. Thoroughly nice guy ,who has just sorted my Aircon issue for me at a fraction of the cost of Merc main dealer. I need to be able to trust whoever is working on my car and Paul was a genuine guy who knows...
  3. T

    Independant servicing agent

    HI, I am looking for a dependable independent mechanic to service my car, I am based in north Kent I really do not want to pay Main Dealer prices Thanks guys:bannana:
  4. I

    Any good independant servicing in West Yorks please?

    I've a newly acquired 2000 S500, overall in good condition, but I need to replace the Air Mass meter, change the antifreeze and determine a wiring fault in the N/s indicator circuit. We're based 'twixt Leeds and Wakefield - - Can anyone recommend a reasonable/good/exceptional Mercedes indy in...
  5. C Class Al

    Looking for recommendations Independant Merc garage Liverpool Merseyside area.

    Hi everyone as title says I am looking for a decent reputable Indie Merc garage as the B service will need doing soon 6000 miles left before service. Can any of you guys/girls suggest any garages that you have used in the past and you trust knowing that they do a good job :thumb: cheaper than...
  6. Mike Walker

    Independant near Hay on Wye

    Our Son has a W124 Estate which needs servicing / maintaining as it approaches the 200k miles mark. Any recommendations within an hour or so of post code HR3 would be much appreciated. :thumb:
  7. C

    independant dealer - shrewsbury

    Hello, After a good independent dealer near to shrewsbury or telford. From some quick looking nearest I can see is andy gale in Smethwick is do-able with day of work. Anyone used them? or ideally know of another nearer to me. Thanks.
  8. Benplym

    Mobile Independant Inspection Yorkshire Needed

    I guys I am looking for an inspection to be carried out on a ML 280 up near Leeds that I am interested in. The car isn't cheap but has a very good background BUT I've heard that all before. I am fairly mechanical minded but cannot buy cars for myself, for anyone else i am pretty good but I just...
  9. JeffT

    Merc Independant in Glasgow area

    As title, looking for reputable independent in Glasgow area. I do most stuff myself or use a garage that I have used for 20 years but there are some jobs I would rather entrust to folk who know Mercs. I work near Glasgow centre and live out to East. Thanks
  10. freespirit

    Independant garage

    Hi , Just used W.R Motors in Shrewsbury today for a star diagnostic search on the parking sensors today on my vito . Brilliant service and they lent me a van . Two sensors had packed up . All in price £234
  11. S

    Independant mercedes specailists lancashire

    Hi can anyone recommend a good independant Mercedes specialist in lancashire preferably near Preston. Thanks
  12. R

    Merc Independant Garage Needed York/Selby Area

    Hi, Any suggestions/recomendations, for My 2007 E220 cdi exec w211 please?:confused:
  13. E

    Independant Mercedes Specialists in Stafford area

    Can anyone on here recommend a good Independant Mercedes Specialist Garage in the Stafford area? Many thanks :)
  14. D

    Booked in at Independant

    Had issues of late - Lights on dash ABS/BAS and gearbox not changing correctly . Changed brake light switch known to solve a god few issues but not this time . Took in today for a quick diagnosis and it seems i have a speed sensor problem that could be the sensor or the pick up ring on...
  15. D

    Independant V Main dealer

    Went to see a reccomended independant today - Went in and was greeted almost instantly with a smile - What can we do for you sir- " Just bought a C200 and would like to get it serviced and gearbox fluid changed - Its 13 yrs old but pretty mint " chap tells me he will judge general state and asks...
  16. U

    w204 tail light coding independant merc specialist needed

    Hi could anyone recomend and independant mercedes specialist who is able to code w204 led tail lights. i have the instructions and willing to travel. i require someone who can use the star diagnostic system in the develeoper mode. thanks in advance
  17. Billy albert

    Autotecnic mercedes independant loddon Norfolk excellent

    Excellent service this week sorted out my c32 Amg from its jerkiness , also Simon is very sympathetic and is actually concerned about Mercedes driving how they should. Contact details 01508 522995 A lovely s reg c180 as a loan car drives excellent for an old bus Thanks Again Simon see you...
  18. Kilmarnockbunne

    Independant in Glasgow Area

    Can anyone recommend a good independent in the Glasgow Area? Thanks
  19. A

    searching for good Independant dealer

    Hi all, Anyone know of a good independant Merc specialist in West Sussex, surrey ?? Regards Andy
  20. I

    Birmingham MB independant

    Hi. Could anybody suggest a specialist in the Birmingham area that they have had good experience with? Its for a friends W220 which has developed a misfire occurring when you try and kick down. The misfire stays until the engine is switched off and restarted, runs fine again til the same...
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