1. O

    Any good independants in Maidstone area for SL350 R129

    Hi, I posted a couple of days ago about an SL500 R129 I was considering. In the mean time I test drove the below car eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace I'm thinking of making an offer, which I think the guy will accept. Anybody know of local independants in Maidstone area who I could take...
  2. 2

    Any good independants near Lincoln?

    Hi Can anybody recommend independant service garages in the Lincoln area. I have used local Main agent and cant fault them , great service, its just that I am running out of banks to rob. any advice appreciated krh
  3. D

    Independants in or around Basingtoke

    Hi all, I'm new to Mercs. Is there anyone close to Basingstoke area that knows the car well. I've just bought a W209 320. Lovely car but for peace of mind would like a few little bits doing on it :p
  4. M

    Colin Ferns Ltd.

    I am the Workshop Manager for “Colin Ferns Ltd” and I would like to comment on the remarks made on this forum. Colin does not deserve this; I am new to these forums and only discovered them after customers brought them to my attention. Colin takes enormous pride in the work that is carried out...
  5. P

    South Wales independants

    I have just purchased a CLK320 convertible which is due a service and an investigation into a leak in the heater area.I was looking to take it to MB specialists in Bridgend as it has previously been serviced there by the previous owner but I cannot find any feedback for them on this forum. I...
  6. M

    Independants in Shrewsbury Area.

    Hi, Ive recently joined the forums after buying a 1998 SLK, theres some good information on here and ive enjoyed reading through loads of threads. The car needs servicing as I dont think its had one for about 18 months and being that old I dont want to pay MB prices, so anyone know of any...
  7. S

    Independants in Cheshire?

    Hi. Im looking for an independant specialist in Cheshire (after having a near coronary at the prices of the main dealer and the funny way at which they looked at my car!) Ive heard that theres a guy based in Stockport which isn't too far from me. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. M

    Independants in Hull anyone ?

    As the title says, does anyone know of a good independent in the surrounding area? There are excellent BMW, Audi and Jag indys. Maybe someone wants to set an MB one up ?
  9. McGreggor

    Sussex Based Independants?

    I've been hunting high and low but not tracked any down just yet. :crazy: Does anyone know of any Independant Mercedes specialists in either West or East Sussex?
  10. B

    Independants in Leicestershire

    Hi, Now that my ML is out of warranty I'm looking for an independant garage to look after it. I live in Rutland so Leicestshire, South Lincs, Northants or North Cambridgeshire would be O.K. Does anyone have any recommendations ? I've seen an adv. in Mercedes Enthusiast mag. for Silver Star...
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