1. restorer

    Mercedes Independent in Macclesfied/Stockport

    I'm about to buy an E55K. (At last) Does anyone know if the independent in Macclesfield is any good in general, and with this model in particular (will be 2003-2006 model)? I talked to the independent in Stockport around 7 years ago and was favourably impressed with them. Does anyone know...
  2. S

    Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area

    Hi, Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area, Kirkcudbright / Dumfries please, just moved to area.
  3. Geoff Burton

    Independent chesterfield

    Hi could anybody recommend a independent garage for my E class around the chesterfield area please Cheers.
  4. simonafloat

    Best independent Merc garage?

    Hi all Our 2002 ML270 has a long list of issues that need sorting but is still drivable. I need to get theses works priced up so I can make a decision to sell her or give her a complete makeover. However, we are in North Devon and have no independent garages anywhere near us. So looking for...
  5. M

    Independent Service Specialist

    Hi New to the world of Mercedes ownership and wondering if anybody can recommend any good reasonably priced independents in the Wakefield/Leeds are of West Yorkshire. Thanks Matthew
  6. T

    Independent seevice

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's mandatory to have my car serviced at a main dealer? Ive got a 2012 c class on an original 3 year pcp that I have extended each year for the past two years. Im due a B service and main dealer quotes nearly £800... independent will do it for £400 but wondering if I...
  7. S

    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area

    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area anyone know a godd plce within 30 miles of Kirkcudbright for serviceing etc?
  8. M

    Independent Mercedes Specialists

    Hello MB club, I was looking at MB specialists around east London and found two: Gem-Tech in Romford and A1 Mercedes specialists in Layton. I wanted to know your experience with them and which one would you recommend based on price and customer service. Thank you for your replies
  9. Modelmakerman

    Independent MB Specialist in Bristol?

    My Viano is due a service and I'd like to have a few niggles checked out. Can anyone recommend a Mercedes Independent Specialist in or around the Bristol area?
  10. pmcgsmurf

    DSB Digital Service Book Access for Independent Workshop ?

    Hi folks What's the latest with Digital Service Booklet (DSB) access for an independent workshop? We are registered for EPC & WIS access and noticed that according to the Daimler Benz Service page all we need is a MB Customer Number to register for DSB access. Asked our local dealer that we...
  11. M

    Best Independent Mercedes Specialist in Wiltshire?

    Hi All, I bought an E280 CDI Estate 06 plate a couple of weeks back and it's my first Merc so I haven't had any experience of where to go to get it looked after. Can anyone recommend a (not main dealer as they're too expensive) Mercedes specialist near Chippenham in Wilts who are trustworthy...
  12. Horrgakx

    First service - dealer or independent?

    Hi all I need to get my W205 C Class booked in for its first service in early September (I have it on a 2 year lease). Do I need to get it done at a main dealer or can I go to a nearby independent specialist to have it done?
  13. S

    Main Dealer, Independent or DIY?

    Hi I've always maintained my own cars once they've reached the end of their warranty but this is the first 'prestige' brand I've owned so was a bit reluctant to not keep up the full MB service history to date. As the car is now 10 years old I suppose most of the depreciation has been taken...
  14. T

    Advice re finding a independent service garage for a VW

    Hiya, SWMBO's VW Touran has a engine management light saying take to workshop. The car is 10y old but has been perfect till now. My question is this Forget main dealer. Would you take to a general garage? A VW specific garage? And how would you get a handle on workmanship/reputation...
  15. S

    Mercedes independent garage in Cornwall

    Hi Can anyone recommend an independent near Launceston - my parents have just bought a 2001 SLK and will need it looking after? Thanks in advance
  16. M

    Independent Garage or Service plan?

    Hi There everyone, I'm new to this forum and MB ownership. I have just bought a late 2010 C63 AMG, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the following garages? Colin Ferns ? Independent Mercedes Benz Specialists TM Motors Mercedes specialist service & repair - Surrey...
  17. M

    Independent W124 Specialist Sought

    Hi - I've recently bought a 95 E300. Can anyone recommend independent specialists in there North West area please? Thank you
  18. I

    Independent mercedes specialist

    Hi, I would be grateful if anyone can recommend a good independent Mercedes specialist in and around Berkshire area.
  19. I

    Independent mercedes specialist

    Hi all, I would be grateful if anyone can recommend a good independent Mercedes specialist in or around Berkshire?
  20. wolfie665

    Need good independent garage South east or West London

    Hi All, would you recommend me some good independent Mercedes garage in Bracknell, Slough, Staines area? My car is Mercedes ML270 CDI 2004. The last one I have done some work in for £1000, honestly not impressed, they have topped up my gear oil cowboy style only god knows how much oil and...
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