1. V

    SMART Indi Recommendations wanted

    Ok its not a Mercedes, but I need a good SMART Indi in and around Berks/Surrey/Oxon. I've got a Brabus SMART Roadster that needs some attention and I'm struggling to find an Indi who specialises in SMARTS in my neck of the woods. Any recommendations? Many thanks
  2. S

    VW indi recommendation

    Morning all Bought a VW Golf Mk5 (2005) for the missus yesterday - any one recommend a good indi in the Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Also, need to get the fabric upholstery and headlining cleaned - another recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Smart320

    Good Indi - Continental Cars Cardiff

    Used them last week for C service to my 2008 E320cdi, very reasonably priced at £250 including a free Star analysis as a new customer On collection was given a very detailed run through of what they had found and clear recommendations of what needed to be done and when ! Totally different from...
  4. Oxonmb

    B1 Service E class Coupe & Oxford Indi

    Anyone had a recent B1 service done on an E class Coupe? done a search online and all about 4 years old. Main dealer quoting £530 (£90 of which is brake fluid change) seems a bit steep, but then come to expect that. Also looking for good Indi in Oxfordshire area. Thanks
  5. jhosk1981

    Recommended Indi's Midlands

    Hi guys My CLK is almost due a B Service and MOT. Do any of you have any recommendations for reliable garages in the Midlands? I live in Aldridge WS8. Thanks in advance guys. James.
  6. N

    W164 'c' service - MB vs Indi and what is really required

    In a dilemma as 'C' service due in a couple of months, last time the ML went into a MB dealership was very unimpressed, ripped me off and tried to replace parts not even needed like wipers that I had changed days earlier for new Bosch parts etc. so my inclination to use a geunine dealer this...
  7. M

    North London Merc Indi

    Hi Guys, I use an Indy in Milton Keynes for the S Class, he is amazing and I use him because my friend prior to me using the merc has used him for 10 years. I was wondering if anybody knows anybody in the north london area around the finchley/barnet area who is good and who they have been...
  8. N

    Good Indi in Swindon

    I have recently come across a very good MB trained Indi in Swindon if anyone needs one. I have no personal affiliation to this guy. He was recommended to me and I thought I would give him a try, and was very impressed. PM me if you would like to be put in contact.
  9. lofty

    MB indi specialists

    Excellent MB indi central south coast John Haynes Durrington near worthing sussex. MB indi specialists all models tel 01903 500000 Lofty :thumb:
  10. N

    Indi near Swindon

    Can anyone suggest an Indi in the Swindon area please? Thanks.
  11. tingtongpj

    looking for a local indi needed for my car service

    hi all i'm needing to get a b service on my c class 250 diesel. can anyone recommend anyone in the greater Manchester or Oldham area at all. also does anyone know a rough idea of the price i should be looking to pay so i don't get my wallet emptied. thanks in advance.
  12. G

    W211 Spring broken, Local mechanic or Indi?

    2005, E280 CDI o/s/f spring broken... Is this a simple task the could be done at local mechanic or better go to Merc specialist? N.B: MB dealer quoted me £300 pounds for replacing the front pair (it says, 2 white 1 blue 1.2 each total 2.4 hours) Thank you
  13. j4zzo

    W209 Clk55 Clicking noise from dashboard which Indi garage should I use?

    Hi all I've got this really annoying clicking noise coming from behind the dashboard In 3 separate areas, from what I've read I think it's the stepper motors and It's a whole dashboard out job to fix. The dilemma I have is where should I take it to get done? don't want loads of broken clips or...
  14. terry@yarmouth

    indi service

    my motor 2007 w211 has always been serviced by main dealer, ive just recently got it and had B service done by main dealer. must admit for the cost not that impressed. now next service if I use a specialist mb indi how would my service records be kept, as main dealer gave me a printout of the...
  15. Twistedmind

    Cannock / Staffordshire indi

    Any indi's in cannock / Stafford ?? Cheers
  16. W

    Decent indi central Shropshire near telford/Shrewsbury...?

    Does anyone know of a decent indi who deals with mercs in the Telford/ Shrewsbury area? Thanks
  17. T

    Decent indi in North Lincs?

    Does anyone know of a decent indi in the Scunthorpe/North Lincs area? I do have a decent garage that I have used for years but they are not so good when dealing with Mercs, they have said they haven't alot of dealings with them.
  18. D

    B Service looking for Indi Garage in East London

    Any recommendations for independent specialist to service my CLK320. This is my 1st service due (B service) since owning the car. so far narrowed down to:- A1 Merc Center in Leyton Gem Tech in Romford Any one dealt with either of the above or can recommend another, preferably in the East...
  19. markevo

    MB AMG Indi In NE England

    Hi there just purchased E55 AMG and was hoping for some advise to local Indi's in the Teesside / NE England area . Recommendations Please ??? Mark
  20. D

    Need an indi

    Are there any good indis near Southport? My local garage don't seem to know much about my 123.
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