1. J

    Indicater Problem, 02 Sprinter 311

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice with thanks in advance for all help. '52 Sprinter CDi 311 Indicators left and right flashing double speed, all bulbs working fine, no fuses blown and can hear the two grey relays under the steering wheel clicking as if they are working. Hazards work...
  2. skyline pete

    Brake wear indicater sign on dash

    as above just came up on dash ...says visit workshop/garage would this be for front brakes,,,back brakes or all 4..dont want to take it too garage and get ripped off ,,them saying it means all 4 ??? when only front or back if you know what i mean ??? just started car with foot on
  3. skyline pete

    n/s front spot light and n/s indicater in mirror

    hello all.....:D trying to get hold of nearside spotlight and nearside indicater lens the one thats in the back of the mirror,,,for my 2000 clk both have cracks in them if anyone has these just doing nothing....ha ha...i wish thanks....;)
  4. B

    indicater stalk/wiper w123

    hi i have a wiper/indicater stalk for sale best offers
  5. F

    Turn indicator

    I keep getting a dash warning saying the side mirror turn indicator not working. But it is working. It then clears itself after some use, but then comes back next time I use the car. Any ideas.
  6. M

    Indicater stalk adaption??

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask for advice or redirection to posts that will help me round up some information before I jump in with a new (pre-owned) Mercedes C-Class. Firstly I suffered a Stroke in June last year (only bloody 45! Grr) it has left me without feeling or sensation all the way...
  7. Birdman

    Resetting ASSYST Service Indicater

    This one is becoming a minor saga. Two services back I asked my dealer to re-synchronise the service indicator to match the service type (A or B) indicated by the logbook. Somehow the two were not in agreement. This meant when ASSYST was asking for an A service (one spanner) both I and the...
  8. M

    clear indicater lenses

    wonder if its possible to get clear indicater lenses for my 84 280e anyone with ideas.
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