indicator or wiper

  1. W124ali

    Indicator/wiper stalk

    Whats the best way to clean the wiper stalk without fading out or even worse removing the white markings?
  2. Nicensleazy

    W208 Faulty Indicator/Wiper Stalk

    The vehicle is a 1998 Elegance in quartz blue with just under 90k on the clock, all documented and in fairly good order. Bought it on a whim about 7 weeks ago and all has been fine and dandy until last Thursday afternoon. It was a glorious spring time day here in Sheffield when I decided to...
  3. M

    indicator/wiper switch

    I am looking for an indicator/wiper stalk switch for a 1989 mercedes 307D van converted motorhome. Not sure but i think it may be the same switch in the 308.
  4. O

    Indicator/wiper arm fault

    Hi some advice requied please. My indicator/wiper arm on my e200 1997 was knocked by a the wheel lock, now my indicators will not work, the wiper and high beam light are ok. Looking at it, I would think maybe the st/wheel will have to come off has anyboby else had the same problom and were is...
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