1. Ronan1982

    Mercedes Indie that does MOT on site

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a Mercedes benz specialist located within London that also carries out MOTs on there premises? Used a few independent Merc specialists that have been great, but when the car has been taken off site to have its MOT the car has been damaged/marked. Car is Due...
  2. Sheffield Col

    indie Nr. Sheffield

    hi can anyone recomend a good indie inor near Sheffield please, thank you.
  3. PaulPJ

    Indie in New Forest Area

    Hi Chaps, I am sure I read a thread a while back which named an Independent in the Totton area but I cannot for the life of me find the thread. Could someone please enlighten me. Thanks Paul
  4. H

    Indie for a service

    Hey guys, I have a 2008 s320l d. Any advice for a decent indie for a service. I am working in the Cobham area but live in Petersfield. Thanks Clint
  5. H

    Gem-Tech Indie -East London (Romford)

    Hi guys, From this forum I took some advice from old posts and went to get my C250 checked out on brakes by Gem-Tech. ( I have to admit, and I'm difficult to please that, from the moment John responded to my emails promptly and I had a chat with him on the phone to getting...
  6. chubbs111


    hi guys are there any indies in or around herefordshire
  7. ivorcally

    Recommended indie in Poole, Dorset

    Hi, just a quick note to recommend the independent MB workshop StarTech in Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset. We took our C180 in with an aircon problem and the guys fixed it by resetting the code for free - and treated us really well! We are very impressed!
  8. AaronE55Cripps

    Good MB or Indie needed for E55k servicing in ROI

    Having owned my 2004 E55k for a few years now I want to start on a positive and say that as a main dealer Hughes in Aylesbury Bucks were superb in looking after my car during the time I had it in the UK they see a lot of AMG models go through there and I would have no hesitation in recommending...
  9. R

    Is there a good indie comparison site - is motorcodes good?

    these guys have teamed up with AA - sounds like a merger more than independent review have you guys used motorcodes?
  10. G

    indie in lincolnshire

    Hi everyone this is my first post, I need my E 220, B service and was wondering if any of you have experience of these two garages Sleaford mot and service centre Fleet road garage spalding Any recommendations will be appreciated Thanks Gaz
  11. P

    Seeking indie in or around North East Suffolk

    My nearest main dealer is 30 miles away, looking for independent MB specialist within an hours travel of Lowestoft please
  12. C

    Indie near Watford

    I am after some up-to-date information. I will be moving to Radlett near Watford in the summer. Of course, just my luck, the car needs servicing at that time. I have a great indie in Reading, but am not going to drive it all the way back here. So, what are my options near Watford? Thanks :)
  13. e55nick

    Recommended Indie near Tunbridge Wells

    As per the title, does anyone know of a good indie near Tunbridge Wells? Many thanks
  14. Frostytel

    looking for indie in/around Milton Keynes

    looking for a good indie in mk preferably with star Cheers in anticipation Terry
  15. C

    Looking for Merc Indie West Wales

    Looking for an indie specialist I am in Aberystwyth / Lampeter area - maybe Swansea?? Help
  16. C

    Indie Recommends West Yorkshire

    Hi, wonder if anyone has a recommend for a GOOD indie in the West Yorkshire area. Tried my nearest (Wakefield, not naming and shaming!) and they'd never even heard of STAR's developer mode... frustrating when I know more about the produce than the so-called specialists. So, if anyone can...
  17. BIG_G_1979

    indie recommdations in N.Ireland

    As the title says can anyone recommend an indie 8n N.ireland that are trusted and has a star machine thanks in advance
  18. C

    indie in Kent

    Hi i am new to site, Does anyone know of a good indie in Folkestone area? Many thanks Colin
  19. M

    Indie recomendations in Leeds area

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for any good indies in the North Leeds or Harrogate area? Don't need one yet, but want a good adaptable place that know their stuff, ideally I need a Leeds version of blackc55. Used a harrogate based indie a couple of times but not 100% happy. I...
  20. Ultrarep

    Any good Indie in the Norwich or Great Yarmouth area?

    Could any of the members reccomend a good and helpful Indie in the Norwich or Great Yarnouth area? My soon to be new to me 2004 E320 estate is likly to need a second home with extra spanners Any reccomendations appreciated
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