1. M

    Info source for individual vehicle's spec & equipmnt?

    hi, just wondering if a database available to cross ref Reg number and equipment list eg cruise, airbags, park sensors etc. Lots of sellers don't provide full info, so comparing vans in same price range is s very time consuming. Thanks very much for any help !:thumb:
  2. K

    Fitting V series individual rear seats

    Hi everyone I have a Vito van converted for disability with seat and tie down tracks already installed. I have obtained 3 V series individual seats complete with integrated seat belts. The floor fitting is the pin or mushroom type fitting on all four legs of each seat. Can anyone advise what...
  3. P

    2011 BMW M3 Individual, special M3.

    Hi all, it's been a while since I had my last merc. I went back to an M3 which I have now decided to sell as I would like to venture into the world of DB9's. I appreciate the M3 might not be to everyone's taste in here as you are all Merc guys and gals but like Mercedes, BMW's are great cars and...
  4. A

    2002 BMW 530i Sport individual

    Hi all, The e39's had its time with me. Time to move back to something VAG. Spec as follows 2002 530i Individual Champagne edition - 150 of these I believe 100,500 miles Full BMW service history - the history is very comprehensive on this car 5 or 6 previous owners (last owner had it...
  5. mercmush

    560 SEL with individual rear seats

    RARE EXCELLENT 1990 MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO BLACK \ BLACK LEATHER 67K FMBSH | eBay I know that this was on ebay before but does anyone on this forum know anything else about it?
  6. SPX

    638 V Class Ambiente Individual Leather Seats & Picnic Table & Carpet For Sale

    My uncle purchased the 'fun bus' (my V220 CDi Ambiente) for a motorhome conversion and has removed the interior. So for sale are as follows; Two Captains Armchairs In Grey Leather Three Standard Armchairs In Grey Leather One Fold-Away Picnic Table One Full Carpet With Associated Attachments So...
  7. Parrot of Doom

    Taste is an individual thing

    It looks like one of those Chinese copies that have been posted on the internet. But no, this is a real W210 butchered by some idiot somewhere on t'internet. /edit: Actually, its not a W210 at all. Please ban me for thinking such filth.
  8. dom

    [NON MERC] 1998 BMW 328i Sport 'Individual' FOR SALE

    As the title says. Beautiful car. Its on Auto Trader website and Ebay at the mo. Heres an Ebay link to the ad (if I'm allowed to do that??) CLICK ME Cheers... Dom :)
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