1. stwat

    One for the gardenists (even though these are grown indoors)

    The plants are not long re-potted from seedlings. Some are bigger than others but all are budding and most flowering. What the feck? The biggest plants are only 12 inches tall, most much smaller but all are budding and/or flowering already. Shirley they are way too young and not mature enough...
  2. Mozzer

    Her indoors borrowed my car this weekend...

    Deep joy, her insurance goes up because she's had a prang, my insurance goes up because I've had a claim :(
  3. Surf Blau

    Indoors Mercedes meeting in Norway November 22nd!

    The local branch of my MB-club (MB Entusiastklubb) will arrange an indoors wintermeeting on Saturday November 22nd. Preliminary program: 10.00 - Registration for cars entering the show 10.00 - Sale of hot-dogs, waffles, soda and coffee begins 12.00 - Show begins 14.00 - Puzzle-race...
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