1. B

    M157 bi-turbo upd cold air induction kit

    Hi all, Just got rid of my E63 so removed my UPD cold air induction kit and filters and went back to stock. Comes with all screws and bolts - Basically a nearly new complete item. More details can be found on MBWORLD and directly on UPD's website...
  2. C

    Getting the best out of a W208 CLK430

    Hi At the start of a long term project Any advice on mild tuning for these? I plan to make a SS exhaust as the current one is a bodged decat Was going to use a free flow sport centre and backbox. Too loud? Anyone done this? Heard a rumour there is some merit in fitting the CLK55 air box Is...
  3. ACID

    Weistec Downpipe, Induction Kit, Remap and Dyno A45 AMG

    A45 AMG in Today for a Weistec Downpipe and Induction Kit Supplied and Fitted as well as a Remap and Dyno to go with it!! Stock: 334.32 Whp (374.44 Bhp) 332.19 Wtq (372.05 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 383.03 Whp (428.99 Bhp) 436.63 Wtq (489.03 Ft Lbs Torque) ygg24SWKHdU
  4. ACID

    Facelift A45 AMS Induction Fitted with Dyno

    Facelift A45 AMG 4Matic for an AMS Induction, Supplied and Fitted by us!!! Stock: 358.57 Whp (401.60 Bhp) 333.41 Wtq (373.42 Ft Lbs Torque) AMS Induction fitted: 364.40 Whp (408.13 Bhp) 334.02 Wtq (374.10 Ft Lbs Torque) NCi80qGptrQ
  5. ACID

    A45 AMG Remap, Dyno & AMS Induction

    A45 AMG in for a Remap, Dyno & AMS Induction Kit Fitting!!! Stock: 329.64 Whp (369.20 Bhp) 326.56 Wtq (365.75 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 375 Whp (420.25 Bhp) 441.67 Wtq (494.67 Ft Lbs Torque) 0jmH-1xc3wA
  6. A

    Induction kits

    Hi all I have this in my shed fr my ST focus, it's a pipercross forced air induction, just wondering if I can adapt it to fit my A250 anyone know if this will effect my car in a negative way. Thanks for any advice and any thoughts Cheers Ben :thumb:
  7. ACID

    A45 Remap & Dyno + AMS Induction

    An A45 AMG we had in Yesterday for a Remap & Dyno @ MSL Performance!!!! Equipped with an AMS Induction Kit Stock:... 315.00 Whp (352.8 Bhp) 318.00 Ft Lbs Torque (356.16 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 374.00 Whp (418.88 Bhp) 395.96 Ft Lbs Torque (444.58 Ft Lbs Torque) R0KlAIVUlGI
  8. ACID

    A45 AMG Air Induction Kit

    Good Afternoon All!! We have had a Weistec Engineering Air Induction Kit delivered today @ MSL Performance and will be fitting it at some point today or tomorrow on MSL's very own A45 AMG.
  9. J

    induction kit

    Hi. Does any know where i can get a induction kit from. clk 230 k man. Also an back box. just want the car to sound a bit more meaty.
  10. J

    Mercedes SLK 200 R170 Induction Kit Help

    Hi Guys \ Gals I've got a Mercedes SLK 200 R170 and id like to fit an induction kit to it. I've taken off the original box and plastics down to the throttle body but can't see a way off getting a pipe onto the throttle body or the other side as they are flat surfaces. Can anybody who has...
  11. E

    R129 with M119 - Induction Leak?

    The car is a 1994 R129 SL500, with LE-Jetronic fuel injection. If you've seen my other thread, yes, that R129, but I think I'm getting there now.There is still a bit of a misfire, despite the engine loom having been renewed, but I dare say that will clear with a good run. The car has done two -...
  12. M

    Induction Kit Pipe and Hello! :)

    Hi guy's, Firstly hello. New to the forum and new to mercs, this CLK is my first. Bit of a bargain really and shocked me at what you can get for the money! Coming from a long line of heavily modified cars, this was meant to be a break to allow me to concentrate on family life more however...
  13. z4hid

    C32 amg to sl55\e55 amg induction kit

    As per the title i have an induction kit for those of you wanting to carry out the upgrade to your C32. front pipes were purchased from mercedes for around £20 and kit cost me £140. I just never got round to fitting it £125 + delivery\collection
  14. Hyperion

    Vito 110 CDI induction pipe and filter

    Hey guys, I bought a 53 plate 110 CDI vito a few months back, it's my second car and I figured I might put some money into it and make a few modifications. I've had a search through the forum to see if anyone has questioned this before, basically is it worth stripping out the original air...
  15. C

    Fabtech induction for the 55K

    Anyone have any experience of the Fabtech induction system on a 55K engine. Does it bring any genuine improvements or is it really just engine dressing? I have an 82mm throttle body to go on the car and I was wondering whether to go for the Fabtech system which can be supplied to fit the...
  16. B

    Like my new induction kit?

  17. ACID

    SL55 1800mm Pulley & Induction Kit @ MSL Performance

    Another Forum Members Car Mercedes SL55 180mm Crank Pulley ( drilled 2nd Woodruf Key)!! Eurocharged HE Eurocharged Map Fabtech Induction Kit Acid
  18. B

    SL55 Intake/Induction System

    As above common retrofit to the C32AMG and SLK32AMG I believe. £350 for it all.
  19. rossy

    Cl55 NA Induction...anyone done one?

    Seen some nice kit for the Kompressor version... My main question is can you get a T peice to fit on the main plenum/Maf coz the rest I could make up myself...with stainless pipe and hose etc.. So far my only option seems to be a single pipe all the way down one side but as you have to remove...
  20. akipid

    W124 320 induction

    Hi guys, is there anywhere I could get an induction kit for my 320 coupe? Also what would you recommend?
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